Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Tea

I've been thinking lately about legacies.

What kind of legacy am I leaving behind when it is my time to meet face to face with my Lord?

I suppose in my own family, my legacy would include a love of the written word and Truth. That it is good to seek knowledge through books and it is just as good to find escape from the cruelty of today's world within the pages of good writing...whether the writing is a classic novel or a story from a newly discovered author.

I would hope my legacy would include surrounding our personal spaces with that which makes our hearts sing and inspires us to all things beautiful. If found while on a thrifting expedition, all the better. :)

I hope my legacy would be one of finding great joy in seeking out good food, bringing it home, and preparing it with as much creativity and anticipation as a great artist brings together colors on canvas. Whether creating a feast to be enjoyed at the dinner table set with our best china or a picnic of good cheese...with fresh fruit...and bread.

I think my legacy does include seeing the Hand of our Lord in the hard times as well as good times. That this is not Heaven, never give up. I hope my life will draw my husband, children, and grandchildren closer to the One who thought of them before the foundation of the world. I hope the way I handle adversity and success both point the way to the Father.

I hope He can take my weaknesses and mold them into a legacy of strength so that my family can see He uses the foolish things of the world to His glory. Perfection is our Heavenly goal, not the road in which we walk.

The pondering made me think of women I admire, women from whom I have learned so much through the years like Elisabeth Elliot, Edith Schaeffer, Anne Ortland, and Elizabeth George. Their teachings all came from personal experience, letting us into their world and sharing the lessons they have learned in their walk with God. When reading their books, I find it is like sitting across from them, absorbing the wisdom of a life lived for Christ.

One legacy Edith Schaeffer created (and continues at Swiss L'Abri to this day) is that of Sunday High Tea. Tea is served as the background for hospitality, family, friendships, community, teaching, sharing, discussions, etc. How I would have loved to be a part of those High Teas at L'Abri.

So I was thinking...each Sunday, I will share Tea within the living room of this little corner of the blog world. As you can see from the picture, I'm even letting you use my Royal Albert Lilac Rose dishes. :)

Imagine we are sitting around the living room, drinking Earl Grey (or your favorite tea), eating hearty sandwiches (for this is High Tea), hoping no one is watching as we go for thirds and fourths to the dessert tray (they are small, you know), and chatting about...Life.

This afternoon, I'd love to know...what legacy do you hope to leave?


Anonymous said...

I would like Jesus to present me to the Father saying, "She raised kingdom men - and grandchildren - of great faith and spiritual courage." OOOH...I gives me goosebumps just imagining it.
Jean in MI

Candy said...

Its Candy :) I finally started my blog and wanted to let you know :)
Its still not quite ready yet but I have started posting..

I love this post!!! I also love Elizabeth George!! I have many of her books and the Woman and Mom after Gods own heart books, I have read and reread and highlited.
I think for my legacy, if I can just be a "Wife/Woman/Mom- after God's own heart" and leave the earth knowing that I was that, then that would be awesome for me.
Thanks for the sweet post.

Candy ~

Lallee said...

Brenda,thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving the kind comment. I hope you will come again. Thank you, too for the kind spot of tea in your beautiful china and I did go to the dessert tray more than once ;-) My legacy--I'd love to leave the aroma of Jesus when I was squeezed in the hard places in life.

Anonymous said...

I would like my children to remember a godly wife and mother.

Senkyoshi said...

I want to be a woman that is known for pursuing and loving God. I want to instill that love for God in my children as well. I loved this post.

Heather said...

I love this post Brenda, especially since I have been thinkig about this so much more since my diagnosis 18 months ago.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I was thinking of it because of the way diabetes is affecting me.