Sunday, February 11, 2007

Storm Watch

We are under a Winter Storm Watch today. The meteorologists are saying we could get the worst snowstorm in ten years. So I stopped by the grocery store to purchase milk and eggs, a couple of other items needed for a recipe I want to try this week, and potatoes while the 10# bags are buy-one-get-one-free. Even if we do not have a blizzard, the drifting snow could make traffic difficult to get "into town". I also stopped by the gas station to make certain the car has a full tank of gas.

Then additional amounts of "possible snow" were added so I had my son stop at the grocery store on his way back from town for another two dozen eggs (they last for weeks and weeks when kept in their original containers in the frig). He went to Wal Mart since it is on his way home. He said he had to drive around until someone pulled out to get a parking place (and this one has a huge parking lot!)

I now have enough milk and eggs and I can make bread so we're good to go. Judging from the local and state newscasts, people are kinda' hoping for a big storm...especially school children who are not homeschooled.

I was thinking on the way home (from stopping by the store) about my need to "top off" the gasoline in the car and the food in the being under a Storm Watch changes everything. I had already finished my major food shopping last week but the realization that it may be difficult to run into town for a few items made me feel that desire to make certain we had "enough". I suppose it is a natural nesting instinct.

That's the way I feel about life in general right now. As I look at the world situation, hear the news, and see the signs all around me, I feel God has given us a Storm Watch. That's why I feel we need to look closely at how we are living our life, the decisions we make, how to spend our money. Those who have their ear to the ground are saying trouble is brewing, just like the storm to our west.

Living in the Midwest, I hear about the economic troubles of the auto industry quite often on the news. I hear how rising oil prices have affected the farmers, not only here but all over the country. It doesn't take much imagination to go down the road where terrorism could lead the country. Definitely a storm brewing. I'm certainly glad there is peace as well as wisdom available from Above. He is in control and I can sleep safely tonight in knowing that. I don't know how people can have peace in these troubled times who have no foundation of Faith. the angels say, "Fear not".


Heather said...

We are looking at the same 'storm watch' here for Monday night and Tuesday, and I will be doing the same kind of stocking up tomorrow when we finish our school work. I have been thinking a lot about my Source of peace lately, and I have come to the conclusion that I could not live in this troubled world without Christ. 'For me to live is Christ' may this be more true with each passing day.

smilnsigh said...

Ohhhhh, Winter Storm Watch.

And now, almost on cue, I was just told by Daughter that we are due for big snow storm on Wednesday. ,-) Oh Brenda, couldn't you have *kept* it? -giggles-

Glad you stocked up. Methinks we'd better get doing the same thing. Take care!


Lula's Hardt said...

I love your blog ~ you make me *think*! :o)

Stay safe, cozy and warm.

Susan P. said...

Brenda, your words always have a way of speaking directly to my heart. I always have something to "chew" on when I leave. Thank you.

Connie Peterson said...

We are being threatened with more snow tonight so my plan for visiting my brother-in-law with soup tonight (sister is off visiting) is postponed until tomorrow. But we have enough of everything except luxuries like Sweet Gerkhin pickles and such - chickens keep us in eggs, I always have a gallon of milk in the freezer, we have a whole cow and a whole pig in the freezer and just got a bunch of potatoes and onions - hopefully next year we will have our OWN and not have to purchase!


smilnsigh said...

It's now the 13th. I do wish you would make an update entry. Please... If you can....

{who is now awaiting a big snow...}

Jan said...

I grind my own wheat berries too but only buy small amounts...where do you get yours? My husband needs the fresh ground flour due to high cholesterol.Blizzard here in Maine tomorrow.