Saturday, February 10, 2007

Read any good books lately?

There is no other combination of words in the English language which will get me chatting away, even to perfect strangers. With the possible exception of, "Are those pictures of your grandchildren?". I think it was Gordon MacDonald who opens conversations with young pastors with this question (regarding books, not grandchildren). He says he can tell where someone is in their spiritual walk just by the books they are reading, as well as the books they are not reading (as in not taking time to read).

I'm still chipping away at the Winter Book Challenge but like any true bibliophile (and particularly homeschool moms who are bibliophiles), I get distracted easily. My husband and I were at Barnes & Noble a couple weeks ago where I found Thomas Kinkade's book called The Art of Creative Living; Making Every Day a Radiant Masterpiece on the clearance table. I had wanted this book for awhile but it is not one I would pay full price for. I very much enjoyed one of his other nonfiction books about finding simplicity in our lives so I was looking forward to reading this one.

It has not disappointed me. While not a deep theological book by any means, Kinkade points one to the Creator in each chapter. I especially found his chapter about childhood to be thought provoking, how God uses our childhood experiences to form us into the person he wants us to be. I have a few more chapters to read, most likely it will be finished later this evening. Then I will get back to 1776 with David McCullough (perhaps one of the most gifted writers in this or the last century!). That man can bring history alive!

So, I will ask of any good books lately?


blest said...

Oh I love David McCullough! My only disappointment with 1776 is that it stops!

You might also want to try Jeff Shaara. Rise to Rebellion and That Glorious Cause are his historical fiction of the Revolutionary War. Absolutely Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Brenda, this is one of my favorite questions!!!
I love David McCullough. One summer I thoroughly enjoyed "Mornings on Horseback" about Teddy Roosevelt. I started "John Adams" quite awhile back but didn't get very far so I still have to finish it. I won't begin "1776" until I do. Colonial American history is my favorite historical period-I can't read too much about it. Love, it, love it!!!
Okay, now to answer your question.
I always have way too many books going at the same time. I can't remember when I began this terrible habit but it truly drives me crazy. I have a hard time ever actually finishing books because I'm constantly starting new ones before finishing old ones.
The main books I'm working on right now are, "Anne of Green Gables", "The Honor Girl" (my first Grace L. Hill book), "The Next-to-Nothing House", and just yesterday I started "Wives and Daughters" for a small book club I started with a few other homeschool moms. We're going to read classic books together.
I chose W&D because I have the dvd and love it so now I want to read the book.
A goal I have for this year is to read as many of L.M. Momtgomery's books as I can. I read all the Anne books years ago when I was younger so I thought it would be fun to read them again now, being so much older. Last year was my year of Jane (Austen) and this is my year to spend again with Lucy Maud. :)
Reading is my very favorite hobby.
Joanna, in rainy northern Ca.

heather said...

I like David McCullough too. I laughed to read about judging my spiritual development from the books I read. Right now I'm reading a trashy romance novel. In February my library book club always reads a romance. I'm being forced! LOL.


Coffeeteabooksandme said...

I have Rise to Rebellion and That Glorious Cause set aside and on my reading list. They may get bumped into the Spring list due to necessary reading for "school".

I had to laugh at Heather's book she is reading and its' spiritual (or not so spiritual) value. I have a few romance novels stacked in my bedroom for light reading (all Debbie Macomber, who writes clean novels!).

Betty said...

Thnak you for stopping by for a visit with me, and for your lovely compliments.

I am an avid reader and count that desire as a blessing. I can't imagine life without books.

Heather said...

My reading list is currently 'light' - Grace Livingston Hill's 'Kerry', 'Crimson Roses', 'Honor Girl', 'Crimson Mountain', 'Cloudy Jewel' ... I'm on a GLH kick I guess! It is fun to re-read books I adored as a young teen and re-evaluate them from my 'freshly forty' perspective! I am also loving Mary Jane Butters 'Ideabook,Cookbook, Lifebook' borrowed from the library. I am finishing Nancy Lee Demoss 'Lies Women Believe' and also 'Teaching Children to Adore God' by Kavenaugh. I am re-reading 'The Organized Homeschooler' and 'Homeshooling The Challenging Child', but they have been gathering dust for a few weeks while I'm indulging in a bit of romance with Grace L. Hill! The Historian has '1776' and promises I may read it when he is through!

Photo Buffet said...

Brenda, I am reading Windows of the Soul by Ken Gire. He has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I was hooked when I read another book by Gire, Seeing What Is Sacred, and I've already ordered a third book so it'll be waiting for me when I finish this one. I'm reading the last two chapters very slowly!

Anonymous said...

Love this question.

I love books by Elizabeth George. Especially one I am reading for probably the 4th time called "A Woman after God's own Heart". I also have "A Mom after Gods own heart". Totally recommend her books.
Also, I like "His Princess" by Sheri Rose Sheppard. Awesome.
Emilie Barnes has lovely home making/organizing books.

Plus The Bible of course :)

~ Candy

Coffeeteabooksandme said...

Oh, I have enjoyed reading these comments.

I need to ask this question more often!