Sunday, February 04, 2007

Congratulations Indianapolis

Papa Bear is growling and cranky. However, I think he will come around. The Colts are our second favorite team!

This game has been a reminder to me that sometimes "wouldn't it be nice" can come true. It has been said for many years, "Wouldn't it be nice/fun/great/etc. if Chicago and Indy met in the Super Bowl"?

It was...even if the Bear's will have to return next year!


Anonymous said...

You know the best part of the game for me? When Tony Dungy gave the glory to the Lord-what a humble, gracious man of God. I am SO happy for him. He's been knocking on the door of the Super Bowl several times but never was able to open the door. Until tonight.
Wooooo Hoooo!!!!!!
I'm so glad the Colts won! I'm so happy for Peyton! What a great game! (Okay, it was a little sloppy, but still....)
How awesome is it for two good friends, Christian men no less, to meet in the biggest game of their lives. Is that cool or WHAT??
It doesn't get any better than that!! So again I say Wooo Hooo!!!!
Oh, sorry. (hanging head....)
Please give your hubby my condolences. :)
Joanna, doin' the happy dance in spite of the grumbling going on in Brenda's house tonight, lol.....

Kathleen Marie said...

So happy it all turned out for you. I honestly didn't care much one way or another but it was exciting to see Manning finally get his ring.

Anyway, I nominated you for a blog award and you can stop by for details if you wish.