Saturday, February 03, 2007

Brrrrrr and Go Bears!

It is freezing here...literally. We ran errands today with a wind chill of -9. Tomorrow's wind chill is to be as cold as -25. I tell you this only so my friends in Southern states can feel smug. I always return the smugness come August when my Texas and New Mexico friends (not to mention my sister in Tampa) are broiling in the heat and humidity. (Okay, so New Mexico has dry is still hot when it is 120 in the shade.)

My son had a LAN party last night with a few of his good friends. A great time was had by the young men with very little sleep by said parents. We are quite loopy today. We went to Wal Mart yesterday for party food. They finally did the smart thing, they now are carrying about equal amounts of Bears and Colts "stuff". There is also a big display of items showing both teams, a good idea in this part of the Midwest. I have overheard some friendly discussions here and there. I'll be happy with whatever team wins. Papa Bear will growl and go into hibernation if his beloved Bears lose. We're not allowed to even think such a thing in this household.

I'm having problems staying online. A replacement router is to arrive on Monday. So...I'm hoping to stay online long enough to get this posted (and a quick Spell Check) today. I won't be able to return any e-mails until everything is fixed. I both love and hate technology...don't ask me what I'm thinking now.


Karen said...

Brrr...stay warm and cozy inside for the big game! Lots of good food and family snuggled in. Doesn't get much better, does it. Technology? I have had my share the past week with frustrating technology!:-) Enjoy the game!

Brenda said...

It was so cold here this morning, our transmission "stuck" into a low gear and we couldn't go over forty on the way to church. Thankfully, it was fine on the way home!

We stopped for some KFC (chicken only) for our Superbowl Party...just the three of us. I made oven baked potato wedges and cole slaw here at home to save money.

I'd already made a pie yesterday. So we're having a Super Bowl Sunday Dinner this afternoon with snackies during the game.

The guys were going to one of the restaurants that have big screen TVS but it looks like we'll watch the game here at home with my son bringing his "bigger" TV to use in the living room (as we cannot get CBS on our Direct TV). It's just too cold to get out! I'm sure if we were college age, it wouldn't matter.

La Tea Dah said...

Aren't those LAN parties fun? There's nothing like a house filled with teen boys and something as productive and entertaining as the LAN party! Girls have had slumber parties since the beginning of time. It's about time the boys found a counterpart --- and the LAN is it! How I'll miss my boys when they are grown and the house no longer filled with friends, food, and computer games! I'm sure our sons would enjoy a wonderful time together if they were introduced. :)

I hope you have a great day, Brenda! The skies are steel gray and it's cold here --- I'm waiting for spring. Do you have snow?