Friday, January 12, 2007

Where did this week go?

I feel I've lost a couple of days, misplaced them perhaps in a corner of the garage or under the bed. It couldn't possible be Friday but the calendar tells me it is....sheesh. At least I accomplished just about everything I set out to do this past week while the guys were both away all day. I woke up this morning with the thought that all my mending is done (for now, at least).

I guess I still get a little giddy over accomplishing even my smallest of goals since it was so difficult with a hyperactive ADHD boy around. But you know what? I'd give up some of those accomplishments just for a couple of days of having my little boy back. Now he's a nearly all grown up young man.

My son doesn't work today since he has worked his legal limit for the week. We are starting our semester a week late so he could get that extra week of work in at the bookstore. I have some interesting things planned for this semester since it is the last one where he will not be taking classes outside the home. He plans to take a science class this summer at the junior college and a few classes his senior year. When we began our homeschool journey in second grade, this season seemed an eternity away.

I received a couple of comments about emergency preparedness so I will write about it for a few days. I'm also going to set up some permanent links on the sidebar for those interested in doing their own research (next week). I feel strongly it is important for us to be prepared for the unexpected. In the state where I live, there have been TV commercials running for the past couple of years telling families to have basic emergency preparedness plans in place. I figure when the government starts telling us to think ahead...we need to take it seriously.

Today is going to be somewhat a day of relaxation. I need to make soup for the weekend and the guys will be home for dinner (at least my husband is home for dinner for the first time in a week). Otherwise, my son is taking his mother out for a late breakfast and I'll have the remainder of the day to relax.

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Lula's Hardt said...

I look forward to reading more about emergency preparedness. Of late, we've allowed our prep to go by the wayside. So, this is timely. Thank you. :o)