Thursday, January 11, 2007

Celebrating a year of abundance

I'm a little late getting on board with Sallie at A Gracious Home's "Celebrating a Year of Abundance". Chalk it up to my "things to do while the guys are working book rush" list. Well, I came in just under the wire by getting my mending projects (glue and needle/thread) done this afternoon.

I love the concept Sallie is talking about, using what we have, being frugal, being creative...great ideas. I actually did that this week with the family room redecorating that cost me all of $8.99 for the rug. If I had a digital camera, I would take a picture. (All my photos on the blog are from disposable cameras being developed into digital format.) The room looks wonderful and the proof of how much I like it...I'm spending time there even when not watching TV.

I had taken my decorating options for the family room from the color, which is the same butter yellow as the kitchen (they are only separated by the stove and overhead cabinets). My husband didn't want me to paint the room so I thought I'd make it light and airy. Well, light and airy is beautiful in pictures and in my daughter's house but it didn't work for me. When I brought in accessories from other rooms, brought the "fake fig" tree back into the family room, changed around a few pictures, and put the big spider plant that had been on our porch in that room...wallah! ( that how you spell wallah?) Anyway, I looks wonderful.

The only accessories I can see purchasing down the road are different throw pillows to bring in a bit of dark red or burgundy. I'll be keeping an eye out at Goodwill for just the right pillows. Now the room has my favorite deep jewel tone colors, lots of greens and reds (can you tell from the colors in my blog that I love greens and reds?) and some dark blue tones picked up from the Goodwill oriental rug.

I not only saved money by decorating with what I had but I won't have to purchase new curtains as I had planned. You see, the room is a butter yellow color (light), has beige carpeting and beige curtains...yikes. With the rug and accessories, I've added so much warmth that you don't notice all that beige, anymore. The curtains can stay.

I'm looking forward to reading what others are doing for Celebrating a Year of Abundance.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Breanda,
Stop over and email me your address. I will drop you some books in the mail.

Simply Ei said...

Just visiting everyone I'm linking to! (hehe) Great title to this blog (something my mom used to say to me with a wink!).

Brenda said...

Hi simply ei!

I love to meet new people here. So glad to "see" you.

G.L.H. said...

Loved hearing about your journey in Abundance!

With all good intentions, I have completely blown this week. I can't think of a thing I've done in the spirit of abundance, except to start a project that has been sitting around *undone.* Maybe your post will spur me on next week!

By the way, the spelling you asked about is Voila! (French) I've heard it pronounced "wallah" and Vwallah! I didn't take French, so don't know the correct pronunciation.