Thursday, January 04, 2007

Very busy day!

It has been "one of those weeks" but it is turning out well. Our car refused to break down again after it was towed to our mechanic's garage. So...we received a call telling us to pick it up and drive it until it breaks down again. No one we knew was home to give my husband a ride into town (not the closer town but the bigger town a little farther away where our mechanic is located). My husband called the church to see if our pastor knew if someone was home yesterday afternoon. Within half an hour, he was picking my husband up and driving him to our mechanic's garage! They don't make them like that much, a truly humble shepherd of God's flock!

I spent today bringing our food in from afar. Since I had to drop overdue library books by our big library "downtown", I stopped by a couple favorite shops located close to the library. One of them, known for their country and primitive items, had their CDs on sale 35% so with my allowance money, I purchased a wonderful dulcimer CD and a great Christmas CD that I will listen to before putting it in with "Christmas stuff".

I also stopped by a favorite antique shop where I purchased two vintage lady's hankies ($1.00 each) and a cute teacup for only $2.00 (missing its' saucer which decreases any real antique value). The owner was there and I chatted with her awhile, she was putting away Christmas items and offered me a few boxes of vintage looking (but not old) Christmas bulbs for only fifty cents a box (after I admired them). Two or three boxes are in a dusty rose color and the fourth box is a cream color. This is the same antique dealer that sold me a beautiful vintage apron for only $1.00 last year. I never spend much money there but the owner has gotten to know me. (The same reason I have my son do his banking in the bank and not through the ATM...face to name recognition is lost in our society and we must do out best to get it back.)

It was a very nice morning, followed by small purchases at the health food store and my bigger grocery shopping venture at my regular store. By the time I arrived home, I was limping again. I'd appreciate prayer for my feet, which have been giving me real trouble. (That drat diabetes again...)

My husband treated me to a burger dinner, just the two of us. He begins his semi-annual job tomorrow at the same bookstore where my son works. He helps out when the students are coming back to purchase textbooks. It is going to be very quiet around here. I'm planning to do a lot of reading as well as wrapping up preparations for this semester, which we are beginning a little late.

So...I will be back with more ponderings about Living Life On Purpose tomorrow my friends. Right now, I must prop my feet up for awhile. I may detour through the kitchen to brew some tea first. I am trying a new tea from The Republic of Tea called Pomegranate Green Tea. It sounds so exotic! I have used their Spring Cherry Green Tea for a couple years but it was just time to try something new. :)


Susan said...

I know what you mean about getting to know the folks at the store and in the bank! Because we live in Canada but most of our finances are in American dollars, my husband goes to the bank weekly to make a deposit. He has gotten to know some of the tellers, and once when I went in for him, one of them said, "Oh, you're Wes's wife!" It was very nice to be known by name rather than as a faceless number!

As one diabetic to another - take care of your feet!

lady laura said...

LOL--my car has done that a couple of times. It is so frustrating! Plus, then everytime I go anywhere I wonder "is this the day?".

smilnsigh said...

Yes, face to face interaction is wonderful. And being lost in our busy, busy, busy world. More's the pity.

Do take care of those feet. Oh sigh. Please do take extra special care of them.


Copper's Wife said...

The brakes in our van have done that about half a dozen times now. They don't work when we're driving, but the shop can never "duplicate" the problem there.

Praying for your feet, my friend.

Brenda said...

Thank you, all! I'm having another busy day today (preparing for two weeks while my guys take the car to work). Will be back to write very soon.

Thank you for praying for my feet. They were in great pain last night. I have no health insurance so I'm depending on prayer! Even with all the running around I've done today (Friday), they are hurting but far less than yesterday.