Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Living life on purpose in 2007

I enjoyed sleeping in a bit this morning. My husband gave the cats their breakfast so they stopped their morning wake up call...or meows. He pushed the "on" button for our coffeemaker to start brewing. It has a timer which I use when I set my alarm clock (set five minutes before my alarm so the coffee is finished when I stumble...literally...into the kitchen). The extra sleep was much needed as I haven't been feeling well lately. Just the usual "diabetes" stuff...sigh.

When I did get up, the sunrise was in full bloom and the light was filtered through the lace curtains of our dining room window. I poured my cup of coffee, adding some Splenda and a little Peppermint Mocha creamer (most likely the last for this season). I sat on the living room sofa, asking where I should go in the Word this morning. I had been reading the Gospels but I felt there was something else I was suppose to read. I ended up in Ezekiel and I Kings, both in chapters where it talks about Israel forsaking her true King.

Some of the passages in Ezekiel sound like they could represent the world in the year 2007. There is much talk about lewdness, improper behaviour, offering one's children to false God's, etc. I felt once again, the direction from the Lord that we can choose to live our life separately than the way of the World. Once again, that impression came that we cannot escape all that is around us as the whirlwind of ungodly sights and sounds are rising up more and more to envelope us. However, we can make that choice to live life on purpose, to do what we can to make our homes a shelter in the storm.

We watched The Devil Wears Prada last night, my son had seen it originally at the theater with friends. He rented it with his own money so we could view it with him. He kept telling me I'd hate a couple scenes (nothing one wouldn't see when passing Victoria's Secret in the Mall...but still uncomfortable) and the fact she lives with her boyfriend but otherwise love the movie. He was very correct on both counts. The movie shows how easy it is to be drawn away from our real self when we are surrounded by those who seem to have it all together with the glitter of the high life found in the fashion industry. One also gets glimpses into that world, where success comes at a great price. The choices we make...make all the difference. Although the movie has a great deal of humor, you could still feel the pain individuals felt because of selfish choices.

I was thinking of the movie while reading Ezekiel this morning. How much our modern world is now as that ancient world was in Old Testament times. Even then, God was saying through the prophets...choose...choose life! Live it on purpose, don't let yourself get caught up with the flow of society but turn to Him and He will keep you on track. Our children are young Esthers and Daniels, growing up in a different world than I knew. I thought the 60's were far out but that which is normal today was not even known or considered by most of us then. That which is normal today was done in darkness then...and that was the 60's!

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, we have got to choose to live life on purpose. I fear if we just take life day to day, whatever comes our way, we will be like the young woman in the movie and find ourselves overwhelmed and little by little...becoming more like the world around us...until we do not recognize that we are no longer who we started out to be in this life.

We must hold on to the Anchor of the Ages, He who kept the remnant in Ancient times will keep those who choose to hold onto Him today. We can hold fast to our beliefs, living in the world and being salt & light...but not becoming the world. I am planning to think through definite ways of doing this in the days to come.


Jan said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. Live life on purpose! Good post.

lady laura said...

The Devil Wears Prada is next on my queue and should be arriving this week. I am glad to know what to watch out for if I should watch it with my son.

I enjoyed this post very much and look forward to reading more about how you plan to implement it in the coming days.

Patty said...

"becoming more like the world around us...until we do not recognize that we are no longer who we started out to be in this life."

So very true Brenda..everyday is a choice.
Sorry you haven't been feeling well lately..I am praying.
Blessings, Patty

Elizabeth said...

Hi Brenda,
I think we are on the same path in 2007. I am learning to go slower and live in the moment too.