Thursday, January 25, 2007

To whom much is not given

For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required...
Luke 12:48

If you require perfection or nothing, you will always end up with nothing.
Edith Schaeffer (and my life's motto)

I almost went back to bed this morning, as it was I slept so late I awoke with two cats on my bed, one of them meowing (loudly) in my ear. One knows it is a late wake up call when the kitties think they are starving.

I pushed the button on the coffeemaker and popped the can off the Fancy Feast (self-opening cans, a lovely use of technology for one not having her first cup of coffee). Beside me was a sink full of dishes, not having had the energy to attempt them when I arrived home yesterday evening.

On the dining room table was a Geometry textbook which I needed to remind my husband to go through for lesson plans, knowing I needed to do the same with the Science textbook. My son has decided he wants to write a paper on "the affects of Socialism in Europe" for a I need to come up with some ideas today to get that that will be incorporated into our present classes.

Crunchy Cons needs to be finished today (a delightful prospect) so he can began reading it soon for his Current Events studies. Not to mention a couple loads of laundry, lunch and dinner preps, and a couple organizing projects I really (really...really) wanted to do today. Sigh...and I felt like going back to bed, perhaps just getting the book read today. However, I will push on as I do every day and get as much of the gotta do's of the day "gotta DONE".

Such is the life with a chronic illness (or a pregnancy; or a lot of small children at one's ankles; or taking care of a handicapped child, husband, parent). Such is the life of one who is not currently blessed with perfect circumstances, which is all of us at some time in our life...most of our life if you come to think of it honestly.

It was the above verse that brought me peace a few years ago. It was during the time I was often having to stay on the sofa, not knowing what was wrong with me. I had memorized this verse during a time I had a high profile job as well as high profile ministry opportunities. I was very aware my blessings were God given and I needed to use the opportunities in whatever way He led me at the time.

However, after I became ill, thinking of this verse made me want to stomp my feet and yell at God as I could not get any of my smallest jobs accomplished without great stress. (During this particular time, I was homeschooling my son, my husband was living in another town because that was where his job was, and I had a house on the market for a year to sell. A house that had to be ready to "show" on a half an hour's notice. Fortunately, I am a rather organized person.) My Realtor didn't think I would live that year!

It was during that time, He brought to my attention this verse again. He whispered to my "inner woman"...think of the the opposite of that verse (over and over again until it "took"). The opposite...."To him (her) who is not given as much, not as much will be required." I finally "got it", a burden the size of the world taken off my shoulders. She who was brought up during the "I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let him forget he is a man" commercials...she who was taught we can have it ALL and we must go after it What lies our generation was given as Truth.

God does not ask of us any more than He has given. He does not ask of us more than our circumstances require, as long as we are being obedient to His Word. He knows my lack of energy level and He knows my calling to homeschool. He knows my circumstances (living on Disability with a husband who is ill much of the year and the "dratted Juvenile diabetes" that I can feel attacking my body each year).

He does not call me to do any more than I can do. I can educate my son (with help from my husband and outside classes). I can keep a neat & tidy home that is a sanctuary (with help from said husband and son when they can help). He blessed us with a nice...but that I can handle. I can make good meals on good days and have our "loaf of bread and jug of wine (juice)" meals on the other days (bread made with the help of the bread machine or Triscuits, cheese, fruit). I make certain on good days that I work on my projects and I don't waste the energy watching The Food Network (ouch!). I can still do these things but not always as scheduled and absolutely not perfectly. He knows that, it is not God who pushes me but my own expectations and outside voices.

So...he/she that is given less is expected do what they can with what they are given. The Bible says God knows we are "but dust". Sometimes there are miraculous healings or amazing answers to prayer for finances but most of the time we are to go on with what we are given. If He didn't make you the King of the World...get it off your shoulders. Life is not perfect. Do the best you can with what you are given and you will be able to stand before Him and hear "well done, good and faithful servant".


tonia said...

Great post, and such a good reminder. We have been given so very much...

I enjoyed your perspective.

Linda said...

Hi Brenda, Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I just love meeting new people.
It is just before dinner, so I don't have a lot of time to sit and read. But just "browsing" through your blog, I think we have much in common. My husband also suffers from Juvenile Diabetes. He has lot the vision in his left eye and is home on permanent disability. It is a very difficult illness to keep under control. He is doing so much better since his doctor put him on an insulin pump several years ago.
I have a tea cup collection too. I think we may share a lot of the same "loves".
Please visit again. I have enjoyed meeting you.

Brenda said...

How lovely to have both of you visit here. I just recently discovered both blogs and they are already on my Bloglines to receive daily!

After reading this post again, I was thinking of Elisabeth Elliot's reccomendation to "do the next thing". That's what I have been doing all day.

Susan P. said...

Such a heartfelt and honest post, Brenda. You have such a way with words and a wonderful outlook on life, too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

Bethanie said...

Amazing post. Thank you for it this morning.