Thursday, January 25, 2007

The I-65 Superbowl

That's what it is being called around here. Not that we take this seriously or anything. Not that I walked into Wal Mart recently and was quite annoyed that they had the color blue everywhere, even though there is a huge percentage (perhaps even 50%) of the town that are Bear's fans.

I saw a segment on the Chicago Sports Network about poor little old Remington, Indiana which really IS half way between the two cities. They say they are a 50-50 split. I thought what one older guy said was true around here, too. Most of the older folks are Bears fans who grew up with the Colts being an "East Coast Team". The young ones grew up knowing the Colts. Oh well, there is still great rejoicing in the household. I much prefer the Bears but I will take pride in the Colts, too. (Shhh...don't let my husband hear those words.)

We hear a lot about this being the first time a black coach has made it to the Super Bowl, much less TWO black coaches. What we don't hear on the national news...two men who live their Christian values are coming up against each other. It was alluded to when it was discussed on The Chicago Tribune TV show that you won't hear either of these coaches cussing out their team. Nice guys will finish first.

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