Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday, colds, and men in trees

Gosh it was hard to get up this morning. I can tell I'm "fighting" the same cold that has left my son practically bedridden right now. I had already decided to make ginger tea for all of us this morning when I saw Martha making it on TV. I know people seem to love her or hate her. I love her and thank her for bringing great respect back to the area of domesticity.

I don't watch the show every day and I rarely watch it all the way through while sitting on the sofa. I catch it in my morning comings and goings through the living room, sitting down when I hear something I want to watch intently (like the ginger tea lesson). She makes it exactly as I do so I'm sure I learned how to make it from her many years ago (I was already thinking that was the case). It will be just what "the doctor ordered" later this morning. How thankful I am that I've learned to be prepared in this area, purchasing a new ginger root after using another one.

It was while I was on the sofa, watching how to make ginger tea again that my striped cat was having fits. She finally landed on the low cabinet in our dining area, looking intently through the lace curtains. We had awakened to the sound of power saws close by so we knew our Rural Electric Company was at work, cutting down entire trees and limbs that were beginning to get in the way of electric lines. (As it was, we had to call 911 just a few months after moving in to report a fire in the area , brought about by such an "accident".) We live at the very edge of a subdivision which was built in the country and in a forest so we are surrounded by trees.

As I turned away from watching Martha's instructions enough to take a closer look through the curtains...there, in one of my backyard trees...was a bright orange color in the midst of a black, grey, and white world. Yikes...I have men in trees in my yard. Sigh...while most of the work they are doing is quite welcome and they are cutting down branches my husband had already planned to cut...among them is also coming down a precious cherry tree. All in the name of progress, all so we keep the flow of electricity. Of course, in a year of drought and dryness, I will be glad such preventive actions were taken so we have no fear of fire sweeping through due to branches coming in contact with electricity. So...I awaken to men in trees and I prayed for their safety...not a place I would want to be on such an icy morning. I think we plan to stay inside and out of the cold dampness all day.

Many thanks for the comments and e-mails about the post Deepening our pantry, deepening our faith. It took a few days to finally get those words and they were definitely prayed over! They are the depth of what has been on my heart for sometime. We must look at the reality of the world in which we live...yes...that is important. However, more important is the fact that we are in the shadow of the Almighty...always.

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