Wednesday, December 06, 2006

An update and a promise to be back soon

I'm sorry I have been rather silent lately. After the four day blitz of activity, I appear to have picked up a bug that has been going around. Other than the gotta do's of the day, I have been on the sofa feeling like I was hit by the proverbial truck. I'm a little better today, at least well enough to get to the computer.

I'm suppose to meet two friends for lunch, former neighbors that get together a few times a year. We're to try out a new restaurant near Campus, I think it is Vietnamese. Working with one car, I'll be driving my son to the junior college for an exam, then driving to the University to meet my friends, picking him up later and then the drive back home to the country. I've decided I should get paid by the mile, if anyone was paying Moms for...mothering. At least the weather is fine, frigid temps but no ice/snow on the ground that would make for difficult driving conditions.

While recovering, I have been rereading Shepherd's Abiding by Jan Karon. It is definitely one of my favorite novels, the storyline one of hope and renewal. I read through the January issue of Romantic Homes last night, too. really is a vacation for the eyes. It is enjoyable to read about England, tea time, collections, etc.

I brewed some HT (Harney & Son) Ginger Peach blend (which sounded good for one under the weather) and sipped it while reading. I have had that tea for nearly a year and it is still quite good. I like the way they are whole leaf teas but in a "teabag". for a much needed quiet time to strengthen the soul before starting on the day's long journey!


smilnsigh said...

So sorry you picked up a bug. Too much going on, seems to be able to make us run down and .... ready to *invite a bug in.* -sigh-

But I hope you gave yourself enough TLC and have beat it. And we're looking forward to hearing about your lunch with friends.

Heather said...

I hope you are feeling much better Brenda! Last week my liver was unkind to me and this week I am hosting a nasty chest cold, so I do understand being under the weather.
I hope your daughter was able to find a nice nativity for the kids to play with. We debated over this a few years ago, wanting them to know the 'awe' of our Saviour's birth, but at the same time wanting them to have the figures so that they could 'play' the story without jeopordizing the family heirloom creche! We already have another simple plastic set for them to use, but this one is more detailed and has more pieces. They opened a camel last night, so are quite sure they know what it is.
As far as calendars, I go through the same decision each year - I love the Avalanche 'Note Nook' pocket calendars, but am not always crazy about the artwork. This year my hubby picked a 'country pleasures' design and we enjoyed it. The new pocket each month is so very handy for me!