Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kimchee, ginger tea and a calendar

My lunch went quite well today, much better than I thought it would when I was sofa bound last night. It seems the worst of this "bug" lasts only a couple of days. Otherwise, I would never have been able to eat Korean food (okay, it wasn't Vietnamese...I knew it was a country where we fought a "conflict"!).

I had to call my husband on the cell phone when I was ready to take my first bite of kimchee, though. Since returning from Vietnam (before I met him), he has used the term "deep kimchee" to indicate when someone is in trouble. He couldn't believe it when I told him that was my side vegetable. He'd eaten it in Viet Nam and hated it. I'm not surprised, he thinks cinnamon is spicy. :) When he was in Viet Nam, kimchee was made by letting it ferment in the ground.

My lunch was unusual but tasty. We always pick a restaurant with ethnic foods we want to try. It's good to chat with my friends, even if we are all so different. I've already talked about my liberal Jewish friend on the blog. My other former neighbor is a stay at home mom to seven (or did she have an eighth?) children. It is good to keep up relationships. We try to get together a few times a year.

I wasn't going to get a beverage but they had real ginger tea available. I thought that was just what the doctor ordered! I could feel it attacking that bug (not to mention what the kimchee did to it). After sipping it today, I decided to purchase some fresh ginger to keep on hand for cold and flu season.

So...the calendar part of today's chat. I finally chose which calendar to purchase this year. It's a big deal for me since I live with that calendar daily, all year, in my kitchen. It has to be one I love. For the past couple of months, I have been deciding between three Lang calendars and this Susan Branch. It ended up being no contest, Susan B. is a favorite of mine. The only place I could find it around here was at Border's. Although, I did find it at Amazon if you are here. I was taking somewhat a leap of faith since the calendar was shrink wrapped. (I say somewhat because I've always enjoyed the Susan Branch calendars before.) It ended up being beautiful and it is all about "homemaking" this year...lovely!

I will see if any of my favorite Lang calendars make it to the half-price sales this year. There is a place in my bedroom that would be perfect...

Overall, an interesting day. I'm beginning to feel the affects of being up too soon, though. So...I will brew a pot of tea and find a cozy place on the sofa to continue the healing process. I will ponder that tomorrow is Thursday and I do not have to set the alarm clock, which is a very good thing.


Mary said...

Hi Brenda, I was so happy to read you are feeling better. Your day sounded fun. I am so glad you talked about your calendar. Susan Branch is a favorite of mine also so I am going to check out that calendar.
Rest well.

Lisa said...

Your day sounded really lovely. I'm glad you're feeling better. I love how aware and appreciative you are of a morning with no alarm clock. I enjoy my alarm-less mornings too.