Monday, December 04, 2006

Tis' truly the busy season!

This is what I plan to do next...Sasha lessons. Although the cat in this picture looks like her sister, it is Sasha who has perfected the art of relaxation. After three days of grocery shopping, baking, cooking, laundry, church, library sales, generally overbooking myself, and "weather"...I need to take Sasha lessons.

I'm sorry I haven't been able to post much in comments or return any e-mails. I will get caught up on them soon. I will also get the cookbook sent out tomorrow. A funny story on the way to sending the book to Florida...I had bought a large, padded envelope on Friday and planned to get it sent right away. However, the winds were so bad on Friday that the envelope (which was tucked between grocery bags) flew out of my cart and was in the next block before I could even think of going after it. I will never again scoff at a Level 1 hurricane as these winds were less than that and I thought I was going to end up in Oz. I bought another envelope this morning, this time making sure it was folded in half and placed safely in a bag. :)

We had a very nice time with my husband's brother and sister yesterday evening. They arrived a little later than planned but we were still able to have dinner at our favorite steak place. This is now our third annual family Christmas get-together and our present from my husband's brother to his siblings, sibling-in-law and nephew. He had to drive back to his hometown to pick up his sister and take her to a quarterly doctor's appointment in the "big city" where he lives. They can get off the Interstate to have dinner with us and then resume their trip. I had two tins full of cookies and candy ready for them. The house was also nicely decorated, costing not one penny this year since we had everything we needed. As it is, I only displayed half my snowman collection.

I did very well at the library sale, finding a decorating book I've been wanting quite badly (the new one by Kitty Barthlomew) for $4.00 and a couple books for the grandchildren for $1.00 each. There was also a book by one of my other favorite decorators, Lynette Jennings. It was more expensive so I had to pass it up on Saturday. I was thrilled it was still available when I went back to the half-price sale. I bought it, two Victoria Christmas books, a Thimbleberrie Christmas quilting/decorating book, Sally Clarkson's book called The Mission of Motherhood (I'd given my copy to my daughter and I do love that book) and a 1941 copy of Dorothy Sayers' book called Begin Here. It's subtitle is A Statement of Faith. I'm pretty certain it is the book I've heard about, where she talks about theology.

This weekend, I had to be very careful how much I spent but I found some great books at excellent prices (most at $1.00 or $1.50). I love to pull favorite decorating books off the bookshelves when I'm tired or feeling down. It seems they always give me good ideas and reading them (along with good coffee in the morning or tea in the afternoon/evening) puts me back in good spirits again.

Regarding my daughter's picture, yes...she does look a lot like me. We used to look so much alike that people would get us confused (especially at a distance). However, I have aged in the past few years...sigh. Hmmm...I think I'll blame the diabetes instead of age. Yes, that's what I will do.

I must remember the words of a my dear friend in New Mexico when I've overextended myself. She often says, "Remember, we're in it for the long stretch, Bren-fren, so pace yourself". That's what friends are for!

So now I'm off to brew a pot of tea before taking a much needed afternoon nap. I will return (hopefully) much rested with more ponderings.


smilnsigh said...

Ohhh, two Victoria Christmas books! :-)

And I'm so glad everything went so well. {Well, other than the fly-away mailer...}

And again, I learn something 'bookish-new' here. I didn't know that Kitty Barthlomew had decorating books out. Silly of me. Of course she would. But, I never came across one.

And this reminds me... of her Christmas Special on cable tv... Visiting Cape May NJ, all decked out for Christmas. {and Kitty was dressed accordingly tooo} Oh I used to love to watch the repeats of that show. But they don't seem to have it on, anymore. -sighhhh-

Brenda said...

I LOVED that Kitty B. Christmas special. It was a favorite to watch. Of course, now they don't show it at all I also liked the two Carol D. Christmas specials that were filmed in Western Michigan.

Yes, Kitty's book came out last year. I remember finding out she had a website and going there for information after her show was cancelled.

I hear there are three Victoria Christmas books. I was able to get the last two of the three for $1.50 each. :) A very good thing...