Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happy birthday daughter of mine

So, I finally have a chance to get online only to find an e-mail from my daughter. Where is my "Ode to Stephanie" on my blog? You'd think with two children, one can get it "even".

That goes to show you how busy I've been the past few days. I haven't even been near my blog! Yesterday was spent with the usual Friday commute to the junior college and time spent at the allergist's office afterwards. Then a drive through fierce winds and snow home, only to have to drive back in town to pay the insurance payment for our son (why, did not my husband remember that before I left?). Sigh...

Then a stop by a grocery store to complete the ingredients for my bake-a-thon and a very early night to bed. I hadn't slept well the night before. I had my first (and I expect not my last) heart-in-my-throat evening when I heard sirens on the county road near us, just during the time my son was suppose to be coming home. (Remembering we were having very bad weather, not the blizzard to our West but bad enough.) I tried his cell phone about a gazillion times. I knew he was stopping by the place he fences after work to pick up a "weapon" (sword) that had been fixed but the details about the possibility of him staying are an object of disagreement between us. I say he didn't tell me, he says he certainly did. (He very well could have since my mind has been on Christmas baking.) I was just glad when he finally called. His fencing coach asked him if he knew his cell phone was vibrating for an hour in his duffel bag? Gee...wonder who that could have been?

As for today, up at about 6:00 to continue my bake-a-thon. Took son to work and stopped by Einsteins for a cup of that wonderful Winter Blend and a pumpkin bagel to go. Ate and sipped hot coffee on my way to the library where I had an hour to shop at the library sale before starting my volunteer work. Home in the afternoon with a splitting headache and nausea (note to self...always take Benedryl before leaving when we've had a 40 degree weather drop). Got in an hour's nap before picking same son up from work, driving through a fast food place and returning home to continue bake-a-thon.

Not able to get near computer because said son and husband were hogging it, so I continued baking and candy making, laundry and housework (as we have guests arriving tomorrow) until a certain Father saw his daughter's e-mail and wondered why I hadn't put anything on my blog. It's a good thing he is worth more to me alive than deceased. Of course, when it is all about his baby girl's birthday, I can (finally) get to the computer.'s to the world's absolute best daughter!!! As I said when she was growing up, I was raising my best friend. We don't get to even chat on the phone much lately and I do miss my best friend! The world's-best-son-in-law took her off to a blue state, a really blue state. When they became engaged (while she was finishing her bachelor's degree and he somewhere around a Master's and PhD), my sister asked me if Stephanie was marrying a liberal. In her opinion, that would have been worse than say...someone sentenced to death row. I had to assure her that there were conservatives in New England. Although, I'm not sure she believes me, yet.

When I stand before the Lord at the time of judgement, there are a lot of things I hope He just passes over. However, I can show him my daughter and know He will tell me "good job". I can show him my grandchildren being raised in a Godly home and I'll once again, show Him my daughter. Of course, I'll have to share that jewel in my crown with another Grandma (the mother of the world's-best-son-in-law).

So, I'm just sliding in the last couple of hours on December 2nd. Always remember the absolute joy you brought to us from the moment they placed you in your Dad's arms and I saw you (four hours later when I finally woke up from the C-section). Your Dad's Tetanie, your Mamaw's Munchkin and my best friend (yeah, and even your brother likes you).


La Tea Dah said...

Awwww, what a sweet post --- I love the part about "raising your best friend". That is so awesome! Happy Birthday to that dear daughter of yours!

When my boys were young, they took piano lessons. Another family had two daughters in lessons as well. The mother's philosophy was that her daughters were to be "best friends" no matter what! It was a 'given' in their family and they even shared a common middle name to remind them of this belief. It was all done so nicely and I've always remembered that and been impressed.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear daughter 'o' yours!

Copper's Wife said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

Patty said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Now tell me does she look like her Mama? Because when I picture you..I picture you looking just like your daughter! Now, go ahead and tell me you are a blonde..LOL
I was wondering about you when you hadn't posted in a few days. Happy to hear someone else was hogging the computer and you were not sick or something.
Blessings, Patty

Lisa said...

Such a beautiful post. I love the way you write and any daughter would be so lucky to have her mother feel as you do. I'm sure you feel you're the lucky one. You are both blessed.

Kelli said...

What a touching post, Brenda! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Brenda said...

Yes, when I was a little younger (okay, a LOT younger), we looked enough alike to get people confused.