Monday, December 11, 2006

Only one remains...

One of the things about being fifty that I most recognize is that we go through seasons in our life. I can look at pictures from twenty years ago and forget the woman in the picture is me and that the family shown is mine. Strange, isn't it.

I don't know...perhaps it is the start of some weird mental condition but after having chats with others my age, I doubt it. It's just when you are in the midst of one season of life, it's hard to remember past seasons with great focus (probably a good thing if you ask me, the mind can only handle so much "stuff" in this finite body).

Back in the political season of my life, I had a group of people who were my heroes. They were known as Ronnie, Maggie, John Paul and Jeanne. For those whose have not reached this stage of middle age, their titles were President of the United States, Prime Minister of Great Britain, Pope, and our nation's first United Nations ambassador (in that order).

They were the core group that brought change to the world, the fall (I believe temporary but that is my only political comment today) of the Soviet Union, sanity after Watergate and the Carter Administration (okay, a second political comment) and for at least awhile...the feeling that our nation and the world had some hope.

I was sad to hear Jeanne Kirkpatrick passed away last week. My husband and I would listen to her being interviewed on television and smile as she so eloquently said what we believed (even if she was a democrat). I have heard our most recent U.N. Ambassador being compared to her. I expect that is why our congress is not keeping him there, one seems to have to be filled with a bit of lunacy about them to work within the doors of that establishment these days.

I believe "Maggie" is still with us. In my humble opinion, England was a lot better off when she was in charge (yikes...a third political opinion...I'd better stop while I'm ahead).

I'd planned to write this little honorarium on my little blog last week but there was not the time. So I write it now, sent out to the universe to say goodbye to someone I never met in person but respected so much...remembering the moment in time when sanity ruled this insane world.

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A highly pleasing entry. Thank you for it.

{mmmm... blogger comments is giving me troubles, today. So I comment, in a bit *funny* format, today. -smile-}