Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday ponderings of a busy mom

Oh, how this room looks inviting to me. I want to curl up in that chair with a great book, a pot of tea and Christmas music in the background.

The alarm rang earlier than usual this morning and we arrived at the junior college just as the sun was peeking above the horizon. Now that is early. It's all about being finals week at the college.

I dropped Christopher off at the door and headed directly for the nearest McDonald's for coffee and to read a few chapters in an Elizabeth George book until the library at the college opened.

I could not resist checking out more books with a Christmas theme; Victoria's The Heart of Christmas, Country Living Country Christmas, Miss Read's Village Christmas, The Willows at Christmas by William Horwood...only Village Christmas is a reread. I was quite amazed to find the sequel to Inklings and Expectations in the New Fiction section (called Evasions). My husband will read while I go through the other books in the evenings.

I took a chance and checked out Tea with Mussolini on DVD, having seen it recommended on another Christian woman's blog. I already have Ladies in Lavender sitting on my TV, waiting to be watched and returned to the library. There has been a pattern in the last few months of finding good DVDs and returning them to the library unwatched. I'm determined to watch these two, though. Both have my favorite British actress, Judi Dench in them.

In spite of the books and movies that await, I must next turn my attention to all the unfinished gotta do's of the day. I don't think my house has ever looked more chaotic. When one adds the flu bug from last week to being gone a lot (and the fatigue that comes by evening from the usual suspect), well...let's just say I got a wee bit behind. At least the kitchen is all tidy, with the exception of a few breakfast dishes.

I was able to talk to my daughter yesterday evening. She had a chance to call at the same time I was assembling a casserole for dinner. I tucked the phone between my ear and shoulder and chatted while continuing to cook. She has been doing what I call "decorating by tweaking", in her case it involved moving furniture to various places in the house to make life easier as they add new person due in April (and making it easier for the three year old and nearly-five year old to help do their kitchen gotta do's). It all sounded lovely and much more efficient for children's chores, homeschooling and "mothers of four children". I could mentally picture the changes made in her pretty home. She decorates as I do with many vintage items, only I love the more, let's call it homey...English Country look and she is very much Cottage Style vintage.

I have been doing my own decorating by tweaking, changing the vintage sewing machine from the antique "dresser" it has been on to another place (not yet decided). I had moved the "dresser" into the dining area so it now looks more appropriate with a silver tea service and other "tea service" items on it, along with a small Christmas tree with tiny Christmas ornaments. I have always had the vintage Singer sewing machine on this piece of furniture, since I inherited it from my mother-in-law, so it's taking awhile to get used to the change.

Now I must get to the house, trying to decide the priorities which will make the most immediate impact into decluttering the rooms. Unfortunately, heading to the sofa with a book is not one of them. :)


Jenny said...

I'd love to hear what you think of Miss Read. I stumbled upon her books at the library but have yet to read one.

Brenda said...

I started reading Miss Read books after they were recommended in many articles by Jan Karon. She said it was the Miss Read books that inspired the way she wrote.

I like them very much. I've read a lot of them and there are some I enjoyed more than others (as with most authors).

Do a Google search and you will find lists of her books in order. They are much easier read that way, otherwise you get mixed up about the characters.

I highly recommend them, they are sweet, gentle...and very British books!

Deb said...

Brenda, thank you for stopping by and your kind comments. Your blog is lovely! Your book choices are right up my alley~I have read & enjoyed several Miss Read books, and I liked Tea with Mussolini.

Anonymous said...

I too recommend 'Tea with Mussolini' and 'Ladies in Lavender.' I adore Judi Dench and try to watch everything she's made. I know you wouldn't fully agree with this, but - that's fine too. Happily, we can differ, as well as agree.

I too have had that check-them-out-and-return-unseen. -sigh- I hope you nip it in the bud this time. :-)

"homey...English Country look and she is very much Cottage Style vintage." Your daughter's decorating style sounds purrrfect!