Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Interesting to say the least

I could debate whether homeschooling is the best for every child. I could even debate whether each homeschooler is well educated. I've seen all sides now that my son is in the second part of his Junior year of homeschooling.

However, there is one category I personally believe many homeschoolers I've met would win. They are, hands down, some of the most interesting kids I've known.

What brought this up? Well, while in the kitchen doing dishes, I heard my husband and son laughing over tonight's edition of Myth Busters (Discovery Channel). It reminded me of a conversation during last Christmas season, when the three of us had our annual Christmas dinner at the steak restaurant with my husband's brother and sister.

Somehow, the subject of bricks had come up (I promise, I do not make up these dinner table topics). My son went on to tell his uncle the history of bricks, how they were made in centuries past, how they are used now, etc. The look on my brother-in-law's face was priceless. When he finally asked his nephew how he knew so much about bricks, he was told, "Oh, I watched The History of Bricks on the History Channel". Honest...there was such a show.

I cannot begin to tell you the depth of my son's knowledge on various subjects, all coming from The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, The Science Channel, The Military Channel, and an occasional PBS story. As a homeschooling mom with a chronic illness, who must rest a couple hours a day, these channels have not only been a good way of passing time but they really have educated him...a lot!

So...when I begin to mutter about TV being a vast wasteland, I will remember that evening for this was after my son had told his uncle all about building his own computer and other interesting tidbits.

All of these ponderings starting because of The Myth Busters playing in the other room (which, by the way, is an extremely interesting science-for-the-common-homeschooler TV show). If I must get cable "in town" or Direct TV for Chicago sports out here in the country, at least once in awhile, we are also learning something (besides the Bears win/loss record).


Sunny said...

Some of my friends have homeschooled in the past! But MOST have found to put the children back in mainstream as they get older..
With SO MANY Christian schools in the US? I wonder what is wrong with them? I have an open mind on it here in the uk.....
Enjoyed your BLOG hope you can view mine...
God bless
Sunny(freye) uk

LeanNot said...

That was a neat post.