Thursday, November 30, 2006

Why are we here?

Peace...Joy...Love...Faith...Christian charity?

I heard something on the radio recently that made me start crying. the parking lot of Barnes & Noble. What was so sad?

A radio commentary...

The words?

The commentators were putting down Rick Warren. Now, I know there are those who either love or hate his books. That was not the subject. Here was the subject, here were the words.

"We are near the end of the age, Christ is coming again soon. We should be reaching the world for Christ. What is he doing spending his time with AIDS?"

I the parking lot...Barnes & Noble.

Have we come so far from the first Advent that we have forgotten the message?

That which we do for the least of these, we do for Him? Are we not His hands, His feet, His LOVE?

Would not our Lord, who healed the lepers...want to heal AIDS patients? Who will reach out, if not the Church? Who will give hope to the babies and children who have lost mommy and daddy? Must we give them the Ten Spiritual Laws when they are first in need of medicine and food?

It makes me want to cry all over again.


Sandra said...

Brenda, oh how I agree with this post! Were these commentators also Christian? If they are, this is very sad. We shouldn't be fighting with each other --- that does nothing to help the cause of Christ.

My local church supports our churhes in Ghana and as their pastors there say, you can't give their people the gospel when they are starving or sick. This also applies to those with AIDS. What has happened to love and compassion in the Christian church?

Thanks you for sharing your thoughts.

Brenda said...

Yes, the show is called "The Berean ???". I didn't get all the title. It's on one of the Christian radio stations I can get on the car radio.

I kept thinking no wonder so much of the World doesn't want to know Him, if this is the way Christ is presented.

I thought we were to help widows, orphans, feed the poor, etc. Okay, I'm getting back on my soapbox!

Patty said...

Amen Brenda! It's a good soap box to stand on. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think them, but you know how to put them into words. Blessings to you..