Saturday, October 24, 2020

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - A very busy week!

Our New England family arrived last Sunday and left for home very early Friday morning.  The days in between have been spent talking and laughing and catching up with news... and eating.  We had not seen our daughter and her family for almost a year and a half, although our son's family has traveled to see them once COVID limitations were relieved a little in late Spring.

For us, having visitors while COVID numbers are still high in our area, meant my husband and I not being able to go into a restaurant.  So, there were many take out meals at the vacation rental near campus.  

However, on their last full day here, the weather turned into a glorious golden warm Fall day and we were able to enjoy a most delicious dinner on the patio of a special restaurant.  They change their menu seasonally and this family of cooks were all amazed by their food.

While I feel thoroughly spoiled, I was so exhausted that I slept off and on all day yesterday.  It was worth it for these are my people.  My kids, my kids-in-law, and the grandchildren are all enjoyable to be around.

However, due to the crazy week, I wasn't able to do any research for today's blog post.  The closest I came to it was checking out a few aisles when I stopped by the store late in the week and reading an article this morning which just stated again that one should have extra food and essentials on hand before the election.

I had read that the grocery stores are trying to stock up ahead of time in case there are other COVID shut downs and there seemed to be plenty of most items.  Especially the baking aisles in preparation for the Holidays.  I have also read that a lot of people are getting their Christmas shopping done early this year... just in case.  Probably a good idea.

I'm very relieved that I'm fairly ready for whatever happens post-election since I've had three weeks (the infection, the cure for the infection, and visiting family) that I couldn't do very much.  Everything extra was purchased a little at a time over a few months.

Should there be another COVID shutdown in various regions, I'm not ready for that but I would hope there would be enough advanced warning to make a few purchases.  Which is another reason to keep an emergency grocery list.  I've talked about it before and I will again very soon.

I did (finally) purchase new shoes that I have needed for at least two years. I don't handle new shoes very well due to diabetes so even though my old everyday shoes had holes in the soles, I never found any that fit properly.  

When I saw that a style of Reeboks I've worn before were on a Prime Day sale of 40% off, I took a chance on ordering them and they fit perfectly.  We saw during the worst of the shutdown that even basic clothing was not always available in every size and style so replacing my old shoes was a relief.  They had so many holes that they went in the trash and I rarely throw anything away.

My only other "pantry related" purchase this week was to use Amazon credit (thank you!) to buy a backup box of insulin pen needles.  They are essential, of course.

I plan to be back next week after doing some more research.  Only after a couple more days of resting.  It was all worth it, though.  I don't think I've had so much fun since the last time we were all together.  Not to mention, my daughter loves to spoil me with cute stuff.  They also feed us.  You know when you raised your kids right when they feed you. ;)

Image:  Brambly Hedge: The High Hills (Prior to COVID restrictions...)


Deanna Rabe said...

I’m so happy you all got to be together! Was Elisabeth along, too?

I think we are stocked for food, but I need some batteries.

Kay said...

Your mice illustration above looks so much like what our home looks like when our out-of-state kids are here. Filled to the brim with not enough seating. 8 children (4 who are adult sized) and 6 adults.
And I too love having them. They stay with us so it's a lot of cooking, laundry, noise, water, electicity. But A lot of love, giggles, laughs, talking, catching up, hugs, quality time. Those are priceless.

And when they have gone home again, it takes us a week to recover. This year, they left on Saturday and Farmer broke his wrist on the following Monday. He's not 100% yet but he can do most things alone. I'm hoping by Spring I can take a weekend off and go somewhere ALONE to recover from all of this. :)

elizabeth said...

I am so so so glad you had this week with family!!!!! What a blessing!!!! sending lots of love your way!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had time with your family. What a blessing for them and you! I am recuperating from a broken hip and haven’t seen my “grands” in a couple months. I can’t get imagine not getting to see them for a year and a half. Glad you got to post today and feeling better. Blessings, Sharon D

Vee said...

So glad for a blessed time with your people. It must have been like balm to your spirit. I hope that it won't be that long between visits this time.

Well I have a few thoughts about shopping, the holidays, and covid, but I'll spout them on my own blog without messing up yours. I did purchase a can of cranberry sauce which has shrunk in size and nearly doubled in cost. 🥴

Have a beautiful, restful week...

ann said...

what a wonderful family you have. good memories. X Ann

Margie from Toronto said...

How lovely to have time with the family after so long!
I nt only stock up for Covid but for the coming Winter. I have some mobility issues so have to be very careful in ice and snow so I always like to have a well stocked pantry by about mid-November. The only items still on my list are mostly non-food like dish liquid & laundry liquid. I'm not desperate for them so I'll try to wait for sales. I did manage to get paper towels this week - this is the one item that has been in short supply here and is limited to 1 pack per person per shop. I'm glad to have that all tucked away now.
Have a good rest this week.

Anonymous said...

Guess we didn't raise our kids right....we always treat them. Diane