Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The first full day of self isolation

Just before I started writing this, the border between Canada and the United States was closed.  We are definitely living in unprecedented times, my friends.  I think if I was reading this in a novel, I'd think the author was stretching things a bit.

I began staying home on Monday and my husband made a trip out Tuesday to buy eggs at the health food store (they had just received a shipment) and later to purchase water softener salt to last awhile. 

Thankfully, we can hold up for a few weeks at least. Since I am a high risk candidate for complications, it is time. I'm surprised by some of the items that have been sold out. I knew some items would be sold out but I was shocked to find the meat and the potato areas empty the last two grocery trips I made. (I do have plenty of rice and some packets of instant potatoes so we will be fine.)

My husband wondered if that is because it is the Midwest where meat and potato diets are still in vogue?  Would this happen in say... LA?  Hmmm... maybe.  Fortunately, I had just enough potatoes left at home to make colcannon for our traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner.  There were plenty heads of cabbage left, even on sale.  ;)

I understand the temptation to be fearful. I have friends and family who have had important trips cancelled.  Graduations and other important events have also been cancelled.  Not to mention those who will lose their source of income during this time.  We need to lift up those affected in prayer and help those who are within your ability to help.

There was a beginning and there will be an end to this pandemic.  We do not need to fear but to decide this is an opportunity to trust God, help others, and take advantage of more time to talk to family.  Either in person or online.  Better yet, write a real letter.

I have some books I've been wanting to read and movies I have set aside to watch. There will be no excuse for being too busy to read the Bible during this time and I'm pretty sure we especially can use the Psalms right now.

I hope to put together a Sunday post of my favorite books and movies that bring peace.  On that subject... I ordered a book from Amazon today for my husband's April birthday because I heard they were slowing their delivery times.  Even for Prime members, the earliest the book would get here is next week already.

Image Cotswolds Evening by Robert Duncan  (You are welcome.)


Vee said...

My first full day of isolation was yesterday. I am already antsy. I who can remain in my home for weeks at a time without popping her head up. Sometimes, I don’t bother to turn on the lights, which causes my neighbors to worry so I try to remember to turn on at least one light in the evening.

I can assure you that the borders have closed before. Probably the most recent was in 2001. My father was at the New Brunswick cottage and got out just in time. My mother was separated from her parents for months during WWII. She spent a very happy summer with her grandmother. And there’s that very sad family story from another pandemic in 1918.

Let us pray that all our efforts will have an effect and that, as you say, it will end.

(Hope that this also means some bloggers will have time to blog again. Of course, there won’t be all that much to blog about...the birds, weather, the flowers, housekeeping... Wait a minute, those are just the kinds of things I enjoy reading about.)

Hang tough and thank you VERY much for all those posts on building a pantry.

lives in the woods said...

I have one quick trip to town scheduled for today to pick up an order from our farm share.

I have a long list of books to read as well. Praying for our health care providers during this time. You and I are blessed to be able to stay home.

I will gladly choose boredom over infection.

Praying that you and yours stay well.

Linda said...

I can understand some items going fast and totally sold out but others I really wonder about!! Toilet paper? And SALT! I could not find a box of salt yesterday and I went to four different stores! Weird....

Deanna Rabe said...

Glad you are well supplied and able to stay home! Lots of fear everywhere, and lots of opportunity to encourage and build each other up in truth!

We are stocked here too and have lots to read and watch!

Judy said...

A brief note to thank you for the 'Cotswolds Evening' illustration Brenda. It's a lovely visual reminder that the Lord is our Shepherd.

PJ Geek said...

I have prime and ordered chocolate, sponges for cleaning at pet pee pads as my dog has accidents. Should come next week. I haven’t left house since Friday. I have diabetes, sleep apnea, and asthma

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your list of favorite books and movies! This scenario seems so surreal! We’ve never experienced anything quite like it in our lifetime! I keep reading that it is more serious than we think! So, we have stocked up and plan on hunkering down, reading books and blogs, gardening and taking walks while the weather is nice. Praying we all stay healthy!
Hugs and Blessings,
Laura C.(WA)

ellen b. said...

Here in Washington State there is a run on Potatoes and flour and rice and beans and meat not to mention paper products. Our son and DIL have chickens so we always have a steady supply of eggs. Stay safe!

Carol said...

Our stores are out of so much. I had to go pick up meds today and noticed that the Gatorade aisle was almost completely wiped out. I know there is no bread to be found and coffee was skimpy. It is crazy! There is no toilet paper, alcohol, peroxide, or cleaning supplies to be found here.

Anonymous said...

I'll be honest, I'm envious that you all are able to stay home. I would LOVE to be able to do that but I work for a manufacturing company whose customers include medical equipment manufacturers. They are desperate for parts because their customers are ordering wildly so we are running at full capacity. As a company we are being as careful as possible but 400 people in a plant that runs 24/7 presents many transmission possibilities, even for those of us in the office. I'm susceptible to respiratory issues so I'm being super careful. My only option to be at home is if I show symptoms. I would really rather not, thank you very much. So, please, for the rest of us who are still stuck at work, enjoy your time at home - and I mean that sincerely and without irony. I just keep in mind that God is in control and we'll all come out on the other side of this trial.


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Here in Missouri my husband didn't find any beef at all when he went shopping,and my friend said they were out of potatoes when she shopped. I wonder what is going on with the potatoes.

There was no bread on the shelves,but my husband managed to get the last two packages of tortillas,and there was no instant or regular white rice, but only a few packages of brown rice. There was one package of spaghetti, and one package of egg noodles left and my husband got those. There was not even any dust from where the toilet paper is usually stocked. They did still have tomato soup and stewed tomatoes, which I use a lot. There was no ground beef of any kind.They did have some eggs,but not the usual Egglands Best that we buy. The stores were already this bare between 6 and 7 oclock in the morning. It looks like I am really going to have to sit down and spend some time planning menus with odd combinations. The other thing we need to do is find a place to get some meat.

Last night and tonight we had cabbage and noodles with onions in a thick soup made with a big ham bone I had in the freezer and the meat that was left over on that.I turned out more like just a noodle casserole, because that delicious broth absorbed into the noodles.It was really,really good thanks to that big old meaty hambone. And to think I almost threw that bone away because it would barely fit into the freezer.I would have put carrots into it, but my husband doesn't like them so I decided to save them for another meal.

I am wondering if the Mari Kondo minimalists are going to discover why some people hold onto a lot of things that may seem worthless, in a few months if stores aren't fully open again and stocks of stuff are out online.

Carina said...

If it is any consolation, here in Los Angeles, I could not find beef, chicken, potatoes or rice! ;)

I am glad you are stocked for the next few weeks, Brenda!

Carina xx

debbie said...

I just read somewhere it could go on for 18 months

Mrs.T said...

There are no potatoes in either of the supermarkets in our town. My son did find some at a small grocery store in a neighboring town, and got a bag of white potatoes and one of red. We're in New Hampshire so I am quite sure we can't blame the potato dearth on midwestern tastes!

Thank you for all of your helpful, practical, and just plain encouraging keep-your-chin-up posts! A blessing for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I live in Phoenix Arizona and the stores are out of potatoes,,,very strange I thought.

Hilogene in Az

Karin said...

Could you do a post on how to effectively and wisely eat through one's pantry now that we now must do so? Should I eat through my frozen items first? I don't have a chest freezer and my side-by-side freezer is full. Should I be saving my canned items for later use? The last couple of days I have found myself standing in my kitchen waffling over what to make next.

Suzan said...

I live in Queensland, Australia. We have seen people at their worst and at their best. Certainly population groups are buying up like demons possessed. They are then selling on eBay or sending stuff overseas. I have been able to buy toilet paper and I go early just as shops are opening.

I have put mum into isolation as both she and I are very susceptible to respiratory bugs and have had pneumonia. I look after my granddaughter so I am trying to keep my social contacts minimal. Both my daughters work in schools and schools are still operating in Australia.

Price gouging is happening too. Someone I know has spent $8.50 on one box of tissues. Food is going up 25 in some cases. We have had drought, fires and now this.

I pray the God watches over us and looks after our needs.