Thursday, September 26, 2019

What a difference a lamp makes!

If you follow Coffee Tea Books and Me on Instagram, then you have seen this photo of the sideboard with a lamp I bought at Goodwill a couple weeks ago.  I've been thinking about putting a lamp there for years but it had to be one that fits in with the only Victorian wallpaper in the house, put there by the woman who lived here before but I quite like it... so the wallpaper remains.

I did switch out the deep burgundy drapes she had put up for my favorite Dutch lace.  Being surrounded by trees, this is a dark house and it needs all the light shining in that is available.

The lamp was still on the large cart they roll out with new items to put on shelves at Goodwill.  I always look to see if there are new items they just rolled out when I first arrive at the store.  It immediately went in my cart to keep it mine and all mine safe as I pondered whether to get it or not (I do that often with items I'm not sure about).  As I looked it over in the cart, I knew it was what I had been looking for and it was only $7.00 and change.

For the first time in almost fourteen years, there will be a permanent item on the sideboard.  I can still decorate for the seasons around it, though.  I will share a funny story... laughing at myself!... about the lamp.  I couldn't find an on/off switch so I figured one must have to plug it in and then unplug it to turn off the lamp.

So I plugged it in and nothing happened.  I knew it worked because I had checked the light bulbs earlier.  Then I accidentally touched it.  You guessed it.  Wallah!  It turns on and off by touch.  A three way light no less.  Who knew?

The teacups are part of a small collection that have a design of various chrysanthemums, they have a Fall feel about them.  They were all found while thrifting over the years.  As I told Vee on Instagram, the silver gets polished for the Christmas holidays.  It is then that we sparkle.  Otherwise, the patina of neglect is one I enjoy.

Photo:  @coffeeteabooksandme on Instagram.


Vee said...

“The patina of neglect”...I like that turn of phrase and, yes, I enjoy that particular patina very much.

Well I knew that it was a “touch” lamp because my parents had one. Wonder where it is now. Yours fits in perfectly and a real bargain at seven dollars. 😏

Carol said...

I recently changed a lamp on a table in our living room and it is so much nicer. Not sure my hubby agrees, but I am the one at home the most. I am the one using it to read, so it is going to stay.
I love your tea cups! Aren't they wonderful items?

Melissa said...

Be sure and send us a picture of the nighttime glow!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Such a great find! It looks just right in your house!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

That lamp looks just right in your home!