Saturday, August 24, 2019

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Laine's Letters

Thank you to everyone who provided me with a good link to Laine's Letters archives and the other site.  If you missed last week's post, when I tried to transfer the link I had already to the post, I kept getting an error message.  It still worked from my computer but not in the blog post.  Weird.

The link provided has "archive" in the beginning and I did a test run this time.  It works every time.  I do hope you get a chance to enjoy the site.  You can click on the "Letters" option and scroll down by topic, you can click on "My Home this Week" to scroll down and read by date, and there are "Recipes".  The other link provided has various Laine's Letters that people have saved and posted there.

Laine's Letters were received via email before the days blogging became popular.  When a new one arrived (whether a "Letter", or an "In My House this Week", or both)... I would often print it out and save it to savor later, as a reward for work accomplished.

It's hard to believe those first "Letters" were sent twenty years ago but they are still enjoyable to read.  It is much like finding letters from an old friend and rereading them occasionally.  Not to mention the recipes.  I tried many of them and some are now often used recipes in my own home.

Like many bloggers who no longer write as their life changes and progresses, Laine eventually stopped sending out her "Letters".  She does sometimes write a guest post for Annabel at The Bluebirds Are Nesting.  It was our shared interest in Laine that first brought us together a few years ago from opposite sides of the planet.


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Vee said...

Has she ever written a book? Seems with some judicious editing, these letters have all the material she needs! I read September 2, 1999 and enjoyed it.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Laine’s Letters were always a highlight to receive by email! Glad their still available!

Anonymous said...

I discovered Laine a few years ago and have loved her since. Just wish I had known her in my early years of housekeeping and mothering. I could have profited so much from her"Titus" teaching. Thank you, Brenda, for sharing. Blessings, Sharon D.