Sunday, July 07, 2019

Sunday Afternoon Tea - Magical July

I am continuing to battle a virus but it is one of those annoying kind that make one just sick enough to be cranky and thankfully, not terribly ill.  All I want to do is nibble cinnamon toast and sip on peppermint tea.  But I think I can write... at least a little.

This morning, when I went to the porch to pour kibble into outdoor kitty's bowl, the scene was absolutely magical.  I sat on the bench awhile, listening to the sounds of bird song and kibble munching.  The forest was immersed in a hazy fog.  One had the feeling of being in an enchanted forest.   

I expect the high humidity that brought on the fog was not helping me feel better but that was fine.  It was worth enjoying the brief visit to a Narnia-esque existence.  We have to hold on to the Beauty as we come upon it.

When I was very young, I thought July was the most magical of months.  Second only to December because... you know... Christmas and all.  July is my birthday month.  July is fireworks on the 4th and flags and fireflies and long days and sometimes visits to the pool.  I need to remember the feeling of freedom and magic that was part of the summer months.

I have been parting the curtains over the sofa after sunset and looking out beyond the porch to see the fairies in the forest.  You may call them fireflies and even when one is not pretending they have clever personalities, they are still one of God's amazing creatures.

When I was quite young, we would capture fireflies in a canning jar and be fascinated watching them light up in all their fluorescent beauty.  Never for long as my mother would remind me we didn't want to kill them... just briefly look at them up close.

July is when the ditch lilies grow wild alongside country roads.  I recall the first time I saw orange day lilies for sale and was surprised people could actually buy them!  I enjoy them these days as I drive into town and the fact that they still grow wild in a time when the town is taking up more rural areas makes me ridiculously pleased.

It is the month when the corn is to be knee high by the 4th of July.  Due to the soggy Spring and late planting of crops, most corn stalks are not nearly that high but it is getting there.  Those fields that were fortunate to be planted earlier are a more normal height.

I always have to remember that when I complain about the heat, it is God's design for July.  If I want corn on the cob and watermelon and tomatoes and all kinds of other good things to eat... they need hot weather.  Even if humans over a certain age are not amused.

While the month may not hold quite the enchantment it did as a child, I am still glad I was born in July.  I have a birthday tea cup my daughter bought me when I was visiting New England one year.  It needs to be used and appreciated this month.  Perhaps a little tea party can be assembled with peppermint tea in my special teacup and cinnamon toast on a nearby plate.  What a good idea.

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Marie said...

Lovely post,and so encouraging as always. I hope you have a most blessed and wonderful birthday!!!

Vee said...

A splendid idea! ☺️

A friend gave me a stand of ditch lilies when I first purchased my little haven. They were from her childhood home in Pennsylvania. Some people were annoyed that I would plant “common” ditch lilies in my front garden. I didn’t care then and I don’t care now. They make me smile and I love them. Your photo is glorious!

It's Just Dottie said...

Happy Birthday month to you....

Desert Diva said...

Lovely interesting post. Feel better soon! Happy birthday!!!!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I am thankful that God taught me to look for beauty everywhere! He used authors, decorators, gardeners to teach me, and I continue to learn. Its so important for our soul health, isn't it?

Now I want a cup of tea, so I shall turn on the electric kettle, and make a small pot of Yorkshire Gold.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I have been very taken aback at times when I've heard people speak contemptuously about "ditch lilies" because they are so common. They are also so beautiful! Something to feel joy and gratitude about! Saying prayers for the vanquishment of your virus!
Be well, Brenda! Walk in beauty!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What a beautiful carried me away. xx

Anonymous said...

I love everything about July except for the fireworks. It doesn't take someone with three brain cells to realize that fires in dry areas are very dangerous. Not to mention the children that show up in E.R. every year from injuries and animals that are terrorized by the noise. These same people that spend two or three hundred on fireworks sometimes have trouble making their car payment or mortgage. How is any of this setting a good example for their children?

Sherry said...

ditch lilies are as common as california poppies out west .. 'least in my area. :) beautiful. some say they have no aroma - i disagree. forest fairies.. now that brings to mind some wonderful memories in my great grandmother's rose garden. ♥ hoping you're feeling a bit better today. i'm thinking that cinnamon toast would be key for healing. wink.