Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Case for Christ: Daily Moment of Truth, a review

If you have ever read one of Lee Strobel's "The Case For" books, you will know they are in-depth and have a great deal of apologetic information.  While excellent books, they can be overwhelming for those who do not have the time or interest for in-depth learning at the moment.

Which is why I was interested in this devotional by Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg based on "The Case For" books.  There are 180 devotionals that can be easily read during a quiet time.  Each of these devotionals contain an answer to often asked questions by skeptics.

Just a few of the devotional titles are:
  • Made in God's Image
  • Can We Trust the Story of Jonah?
  • The Heavens Declare
  • The Universe Offers Clues
  • Design at the Molecular Level
  • Three Equals One?
  • The Problem of Evil
  • In Search of Nazareth

I highly recommend this devotional for two kinds of people in particular... First, Christians who want to learn more about apologetics in short bursts of Truth.  Second, as a gift to a person who has questions about the God of the Bible. This devotional is a good introduction to the books such as The Case for Christ and The Case for a Creator.

This book was provided by the publisher for the sake of review but the opinions are my own.

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Jenny of Elefantz said...

I *love* Lee's "Case for..." books but agree it can overwhelm some people. One Christmas I included the smaller 'Case for Christmas' (an excerpt from Case for Christ) with all my Christmas cards and it was generally well received, but this devotional sounds wonderful so I'll be sure to get a few copies in future for gift giving. Thanks for sharing about it, Brenda! xx

Vee said...

Apologetics, while very interesting, is best taken in small bites. There has to be a good joke about a roomful of apologists. ☺️