Thursday, December 06, 2018

A Little Christmas Show and Tell

Every year it seems my favorite part of the decorating is the Christmas Tree.  I guess it is because so many of the ornaments have special meaning.  Here are some of the ornaments I enjoy.

A gift from my daughter, I think when she was in college.  There is a Mr. Snowman, too.
This lovely "teapot" was a gift from my daughter, too.  From one of her trips to England.
The stained glass ornaments were a gift from my mother soon after I was married.
The Christmas tree which blends in with the actual tree is this year's new addition.
One of my kids brought this home when they were little, it is card stock paper but I love it.
I bought this probably twenty years ago and it is still a favorite.

I will share more next week!


Rebecca said...

🎄 I totally understand the joy of memories triggered by these ornaments... You have such lively ones!🎄

Anonymous said...

Sweet ornaments! So Fun! Thanks for sharing!
Laura C.(WA)

Vee said...

Your memory is far better than mine! I don’t always know/remember the history of all my treasures. Somehow Mrs. Snowman reminds me of Mrs. Beaver from Narnia. Now this makes me wonder if such an ornament exists. Enjoy your tree...

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I have many special ornaments, too...They are connected to ones my Mom and Grandmother sent when Paul and I were living in Europe when we were first married, ones I made when we came back to the US and I didn't have much money to buy ornaments, ones form my children and grandchildren....They have such special meaning so I can appreciate your feeling about your special tree ornaments. Be well, dear Brenda.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful ornaments.. brings us down a memory lane because most of us have similar memorable keepsakes ! Thank you!

Little Penpen said...

Such pretty cherished memories!

Debi said...

Most of our ornaments have a story to go with them. I keep saying that I need to write down something about each ornament so that when I'm gone my kids will know where they came from.