Sunday, October 07, 2018

Sunday Afternoon Tea - Searching For Beauty and Peace in the Crazy

Autumn, 2009

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. 
Ephesians 6:12

I am learning this Fall that I need to look for the Beauty since the late season heat (the heat index was around 90 yesterday) and the rain have not been conducive to the leaves turning pretty colors.  However... if I look for it then there is Beauty to be found.

That is what I have been learning in many ways this October... and September... and perhaps all of this past year.  Mainly this Fall, though.  My heart aches as I turn on the TV and see the circus that is the hearings for the new Supreme Court judge.  I just cannot believe what happened and how far it is from what is suppose to take place in these hearings.

I have to admit, it made me afraid for awhile.  If this is what is going to happen to a man who is beyond credentialed to be a Supreme Court Judge... all because he is a pro-life Catholic... then what does it mean for Bible believing Christians overall?  What does the future look like for our children and grandchildren?

This is someone who has been vetted numerous times by the FBI already and who was confirmed by the Senate for the position he has been holding already in the second highest court of the land.  This was not some Johnny Come Lately who left no paper trail previously.

All because he is a devout Catholic, which makes him most likely going to vote pro-life.

My friends... I had to seek Beauty.  I had to seek Peace these past couple of weeks.  I purposely looked for it in nature.  I obviously looked for it in the Psalms.  I read the first chapters of Romans and all of 2nd Timothy for Truth.  They both talk about crazy times and seasons.

I could not avoid the news because it was on every single station it seemed.  They were on the local news when I sought out the weather forecast.  Those hearings.  So I had to purposely find balance.

I don't care if you are a Republican or a Democrat or a Socialist or a Communist (well, I might care about that in the long run).  Living in a University town, I have had friends of all kinds.  I don't ask for paperwork before making a friend to see how you voted in the last election.  I have had a friend for decades who is a Bernie supporter.

It doesn't matter if you are a Christian or an Orthodox Jew or a Muslim or an Atheist or a Buddhist or a Hindu or any other kind of religion.  Honestly, while my closest friends tend to be Christians (birds of a feather and all that)... other long time friends are Jewish and a few who would say they are nothing at all.

My son's best friends for many years (and still friends today) include homeschooled Christians, Hindu young people from India, Jewish young men who voted for Bernie, many who were uncomfortable about any kind of religion, and those still searching.

What made me practically ill watching what happened with these hearings was that the Rules of Law were completely thrown out.  People were allowed to get away with what is actually against the law when they stormed the hearings and they had to be stopped over and over because of the noise. Why were they allowed to do this not once but over and over? 

It is, if not against the law than highly unethical, for members of Congress to encourage people to get in the face of those who disagree with them and to continue with other intimidation tactics.  Some of these people have encouraged the assassination of our President... and got away with it.  Members of Congress!

Other aspects of the hearings, if not actually against the law, would have been unheard of in years gone past.  I remember looking at my husband at one time and asking him if the "squeaky wheel" will now be the one who gets their way in Washington?

Is our Republic going to be held captive by the people who can shout the loudest and throw out the most obscenities?  Is this our future?  I don't know.  The crazy situation probably has only temporarily calmed down.  Until the next Supreme Court Judge retires?  Until the mid-term elections?  I honestly don't know.

What I do know is this...  I am increasing my prayer life.  I am praying more for our Leaders.  I am praying more for my family.  I am praying more for courageous men and women of God to be raised into possessions of leadership. I am... praying!

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood.

Maybe it is good for those of us in the West who have lived in generally quiet political situations to be shaken up once in awhile.  The Jesus Movement revival and the Charismatic Renewal that started in the Catholic church were birthed during the season of great unrest in the 1960s, with the "race wars" in the cities and the protests against the Vietnam War. 

So join me as I look for the Beautiful and the Peaceful and pray for a Great Awakening.  For honestly, there is only one Person who can solve today's problems and it has nothing to do with what side of the aisle you prefer.

I'm sure He has seen it all already and nothing surprises the Lord.  He may remind us that this is part of the seasons and times before His return... but He still tells us to pray... and be salt and light in our own little sphere of influence.


Anonymous said...

More often lately, I find myself ending my prayers with "and for everyone who needs Your help".Seems like so many people need it these days.

Anonymous said...

Again your post today is right on target. Even though the news grated on me, I felt drawn to keep up with it. I do applaud Sen. Susan Collins for the great and civil speech she made. I pray for the newly appointed judge and our president and vice president, for their safety and wisdom in their decisions. This country desperately another "Jesus Movement". Blessings to you, Sharon D.

Lee Ann said...

Yes. Sadly we can’t get away from it.

Anonymous said...

Love your second-to-last paragraph! “So join me as I look for the Beautiful and peaceful and pray for a Great Awakening. For honestly there is only one Person who can solve today’s problems and it has nothing to do with what side of the isle you prefer.” AMEN!! This is what our country needs now more than Ever!! Keep Praying!! This often quoted verse comes to mind....”If My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 He is our only hope!
Laura C.(WA)

Diane Robertson said...

Brenda: I couldn't agree more! The world seems to have gone topsy-turvy crazy and there are those who don't recognize it at all. It is a spiritual battle, but oh so hard to be lived through in the world we inhabit daily. May we all keep our eyes fixed on Jesus...because where we look is important to where we will go! Many thanks for your faithful insights...blessings to you.

Vee said...

You may know that I have a let’s get political backpage where I allow no comments for people’s protection. I have not posted there in a year because the intolerance has been off the charts. I have another outlet where I can express my opinion in safety so I don’t feel completely thwarted. I am saying these things because you are very brave to “go there.” As I watched Saturday afternoon and heard those ungodly shrieks and howls from the gallery as the senators tried to vote, I confess that I was both frightened and angry. There were tears shed. My “other” home has a wise sage who urges cold anger. It has been very challenging to keep the anger cold. I liken this to a parent who keeps his or her cool while the child does a full-blown temper tantrum in the middle of the parking lot. Anyway, that behavior has opened my eyes as to exactly whom we are dealing with here... I do not understand how any thinking person can tolerate such vile behavior. If “my” side were behaving like that, they’d not be “my” side any longer. If this is too rough for a gentle blog, Brenda, please use your discretion. As you know, I may have gotten a few bloggers in trouble over the years. 😏

Marie said...

Well said, Brenda. I agree with o completely, and I hope you are finding the peace you are seeking. Truly it is only in the Lord that we find the true beauty. And also I hope your eye is doing well and healing.

Little Penpen said...

I totally agree. I sat for two days, watching the hoopla and couldn't believe what was happening. The outbursts from the public in the voting room were ridiculous. So glad they didn't "win"... can you imagine how bad it would be the next time, if they had gotten "their" way??

Unknown said...

Well said!!! I have stopped watching the news on TV. A short round-up of current events online is all I can handle now.

Anonymous said...

Our family, in the midst of its battle with the pedophile dad, just plain do not know which way the pendulum will swing in our case, in part due to what has just happened in WA DC. We already well knew it was not a godly place, but to see how it became a mostly mob situation is indeed dismaying. We do not listen to mainline news much. Knowing truth is often far from them. If GOD does not help us folks, we are done for. And for those of us who have had abuse from men (far worse than what Dr. Ford was saying) this whole thing brings us through our troubled lives once again. I hope it was not for "no good reason" in our situations. GOD is the only reason at this time that I can sleep peacefully. I know those without HIM are having it harder...poor things!!

Anonymous said...

Adrian Rogers used to say, “There is no panic in heaven, only plans.” I love that. Yes, let’s pray!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

We got rid of cable years ago, and I’m so glad we did. I read my news, check various sources, I listen to talk radio and some npr. It’s bad because people are desperate and fearful, and we do KNOW whose behind that behavior! I’m glad I know the final victory has already been won, but I grieve for my precious country.

Sherry said...

And then there those who are innocent yet accused of horrors .. Derived from memory regression therapy. The pendulum.

Sherry said...


Anonymous said...

My daughter-in-law was killed by an habitual drunk driver (four hours in the bar every night after work before driving 10 miles home). During the year preceding the accident, she told me several times that she felt "driven" to scripture and prayer "to be ready." She could never explain exactly what that meant and I never truly understood - until now. The Lord is moving, of that I have no doubt. The how, when, why, or what are unknown to us, of course, but I, and many others I talk to, are DRIVEN to scripture and prayer. My sense is that I am to pray for God's will to be done on earth and to avoid any "them" and "us" thinking, difficult in this climate but necessary to not go against scripture. There is such comfort in knowing that the outcome has already been determined. Yes, let's look for and hold onto beauty in these times.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Connie for also adding thoughts to this discussion. I cannot understand how some in this proceeding could hear the truth stated and backed up yet still ask the same questions again and again. Or saying it has never been asked and if so without any proof saying it Has to be wrong. Has God closed their ears and minds? To have discussion is good to hear all sides. But Let Both sides be Heard out. And Listen Please. TRY to understand and reason it all through. All these days of deliberation +++ then at the end people were still saying they had no proof of innocence or no proof of his mind and heart. They said voting would make things right when this situation did not turn out a they had Planned. Yes do VOTE !! I DO agree with that one statement. Open their minds to reason Dear Lord. My husband says to not let it upset me. How could it not upset anyone. They are undermining our very country and seem to be working hard at it. Why??? What are they determined to do? And why is George Soros willing to pay for so many to scream at our congressmen and others and violently protest 24/7 ? They have said they will continue to do so forever. I have to wonder if they even know what actually they are supposed to be against or are they just mindless puppets ? And what is G. Soros's agenda ??? This is Scary stuff. Sarah

Anonymous said...

My husband currently holds a state office, but is running for a state-wide federal office. We are on the campaign trail daily and every single day we have people tell us that they are praying for us, our nation, and that God will grant us godly leadership. I say this to encourage you. The Lord is moving and active in this election cycle and stirring His church to pray. We, as His church, must have the courage to act. I am anonymous as I don't want to tread on the hospitality of your blog.

Sue said...

Like you I have committed to praying more than ever for all. Thank you for sharing these thoughts, I so agree, and like many am grieving over what is happening in our beloved country.

My friend Vee suggested I come read this post, I am so happy I did.