Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday Afternoon Tea - The Beautiful Week

We are finally entering one of my favorite weeks of the year, that is when the trees are full of colorful leaves and one feels they could walk down the gravel lane and see fairies in the forest.  The wind is strong and the air is crisp, a welcome relief from the heat of a very long summer.

It is a magical time (Narnia magic), a short lived few days when I feel as if Heaven kisses the Earth with the promise of things to come. The color is quite muted again this year but that is okay.  It brings a sense of living in an Impressionist painting and completes an illusion of autumnal mysteries.

This morning I walked to the yellow mailbox where the Sunday paper appears in the early morning hours, which these days are before the sun rises above the horizon. There was a misting of raindrops and I was quite happy that the turkey stock I made from the remains of dinner a few nights ago would soon be simmering on the back burner.  Half a bag of thin Amish noodles will be added to the pot, along with leftover turkey.  It's warmth will feel good on such a cold and damp day.

We are entering the time of year where the kitchen is once again a place of happy contentment with root vegetables to be chopped and meals planned so there is something to make soup from at least once a week.  The heat of the oven is now welcome, which manifests itself in the roasting of the vegetables, whether or not there is a protein to bake at the same time, and the occasional baking of a cake.

I actually enjoy watching the daylight hours grow shorter, as lamps are turned on and rooms take on a glow not found in summer's glare.  It is the season for bibliophiles to tackle the stack of books which have been waiting while the outside world beckoned.  It is the season to take the tea cozy out of the drawer... for the single teabag is a product of hot weather.  The cold... and especially the cold and damp... requires multiple cups of tea, or coffee, or hot cider.

The background music has been autumnal instrumentals which usually include a dulcimer and perhaps a guitar, or the newly downloaded Celtic album of The North Coast Sessions by Keith and Kristyn Getty.  How beautiful is their music based on the Psalms.

There will be touches of green all year as I have been slowly adding more houseplants to the rooms this past year to utilize their air cleaning talents.  The unexpected consequences of this attempt has been a restful beauty that I had long forgotten.  No longer will I take for granted the human need for living with nature... inside as well as out of doors.

Scented candles as well as those with no scent at all have come out of their resting places now that the darker hours have become longer.  The hot weather clothing is in the back of the closet, pullover sweaters and long sleeved shirts have taken their place.  My favorite sandals have been moved to the floor of the closet instead of their former place on the boot mat next to the door.

Where I live, this special season of mystical mystery lasts a very short time.  I think that is part of the reason it is so special.  I once read a story of a woman who had a near death experience and had been shown a part of Heaven where it is always Autumn.  I would love that to be true but until that time, I need to embrace the few cool and colorful days we are given.

Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here and then there will be Christmas and the sparkle of that season.  I suppose this is one of those times that Carpe Diem is the necessary thing to do. I plan to celebrate with a bowl of soup and a cup of hot apple cider as the wind and rain persist against the window.  It all comes together to make for a few special cozy days.

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Image:  Warming Up in Badgers Kitchen by Chris Dunn


Little Penpen said...

What a beautiful post! You have such a way of writing that I enjoy so much. I picture heaven as springtime;((lots of green and new flowers)) I've never thought of it being autumn. But why not? :-)))

Vee said...

What a cozy read. Wish you’d write a book. I’ll have to read this a few more times. 😏 Sometimes, I have found myself resenting the brevity of autumn rather than being grateful for the beauty. I must work on gratitude...more gratitude. Oh it made me smile to think that there might be a corner of Heaven where it is always autumn. Like Keith Green, I know that Heaven is going to be beyond our imaginations because God has been working on Heaven for a very long time. I baked for the first time in months today and it was very cozy. (It snowed all day yesterday; thankfully, it is gone now.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful word picture. Makes me want to make a pot of soup and light some candles. Blessings, Sharon D.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I adore autumn!

Carol said...

Beautiful and insightful words! We are supposed to have a couple of days this week that I can take in the beauty of the outdoors. I can hardly wait!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post! Reminiscent of Gladys Tabor’s books....but even better, I think! I ‘m not especially fond of shorter days, but I don’t like cozying up with an afghan and a book by the fire.
Blessings! Laura C.

Debbie Nolan said...

Such a delightful homey post. I can smell that turkey soup simmering already. Have a lovely day.

Ian's Girl said...

Ah, now you're speaking my Love Language! I adore Autumn, too, and we are having a lovely one in the Ozarks. I can barely stay indoors!

Melissa said...

Lovely, cozy writing Brenda!

Karla said...

I feel cozy and warm just reading your lovely words! Thank you fore the music recommendation! I have just downloaded it to my phone to listen to this evening.

Debi said...

I call fall the "hunker down" season. I loved your post, it so beautifully captured the essence of fall.