Thursday, June 07, 2018

My Original Scrapbook Journals

I thought today I would show you pages from my first two scrapbook "journals".  The first was simply a scrapbook of favorite magazine photos and short paragraph articles.

I used to call this scrapbook my Happy Place for when I was down, I could (and still do) look through it and feel joy.  It didn't take any time at all to keep this up, I just cut favorite magazine images and taped them to the scrapbook pages.

The second scrapbook journal was more of a journal and less a scrapbook.  It was the first one I used a sketch book to assemble instead of a scrapbook. In it, I wrote recipes, made lists of things to do, and it contained my garden journal for the first years of the raised bed gardens. 

Both are to give you ideas and to share that to have a good scrapbook journal, it does not have to be embellished.  Although these last few years, it has been fun to do so.  It gives me an excuse to collect washi tape.  ;)

First to answer a couple questions from last week's Comments:

I found that glue and paste did not work well for the scrapbook or scrapbook journals because after awhile, some of the paste stopped working.  I use double sided tape, both regular double sided tape from the office supply store and double sided tape made for paper art.  Double sided tape actually made for paper art now comes in many shapes and sizes and makes adhering to paper very easy.

The fonts that look like they were typed on an old typewriter were on my husband's old computer, I think in Microsoft Office Word.  I haven't checked if they are on the newer computer but I will soon.

I have seen junk journals on one of the programs on Create TV.  They looked like they would be fun and creative.  One episode showed various kinds of junk journals, including one that was put together from items on vacation.

So here are photos of the first two scrapbooks, as I wrote you will see that the first scrapbook was not used as a journal and the second was used as a journal but not meant to be very artistic.  Sorry for the glare, it is cloudy outside so I had to take photos under the florescent light in the kitchen.


Ian's Girl said...

I feel joyful just seeing these pictures!

Sandi said...

Your garden boxes are so neat! I mean the ones you drew.

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

A delightful browse through your lovely scrapbook journals. I can see why they are your happy place. I like doing something similar. I don't mean my own to be works of art, they are quick and simple places to stick pictures and ideas that make me happy. (In the end, they are a form of art work, aren't they, as they show who we are by what we put in them.)

Wishing you a beautiful day...
Brenda L.

Vee said...

Good tips! You almost make me want to give it a try, especially, if I don’t have to use glue. So many of the things you selected, I could have also chosen.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I feel inspired....I'm going to try that lentil salad......I like the idea of amassing images that make one happy and give ideas for creativity. Thank you, Brenda.

Carol said...

Those are interesting!

Melissa said...

Lovely Journals! Thanks for the tip on double-sided tape. My originals are also starting to fall apart, so that's good advice.