Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Scrapbook Journal Show & Tell

The decoupage cover of my current scrapbook journal

I'm reviewing less books for awhile (on purpose) so I'm thinking there will be time to work on my scrapbook journaling again.  I have done a form of scrapbook journaling for a very long time but after seeing what Jewels did with her journals (gosh, nine years ago perhaps?), it took my own to a new level.

It is very easy for me to pick up scrapbook journaling again, I have all the materials needed including issues of favorite magazines and cut out images (a lot from vintage Victoria) collected through many years. 

So I thought today I would share some pages I have completed in the past.  I used to create a page on two sides of the paper but it doesn't work very well with bonded scrapbooks.  I will go back to a spiral scrapbook next time.

Thus was the telling and here is the showing. These were all created a couple years ago.  It is time to get back to them...

I started doing more layering in the "newer" journal.
I also started using washi tape as art.
I typed this up when I needed to write down good things about February.
Sometimes I add favorite quotes.
This page included my To Do list for the month.
I have terrible handwriting but sometimes I write out a quote to make it personal.
These pages contain so many different items that put together make Art.
I had pretty washi tape and stickers to use here.

I wanted to make the plain black sketchbook (aka: scrapbook journal) look pretty when it was just sitting on my desk so I made a cover using a decoupage of wrapping paper, vintage birthday cards purchased at Brimfield on a trip with my daughter, and various sayings as well as words.  I quite like it.

My plan is to create a couple pages a week through the summer.  Hopefully. 


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I’ve been journaling in mine more again recently. I love it. Yours are very pretty. I usually write everything but I like how you’ve printed things out too!

Mrs.T said...

Yes, I also like the way you've printed certain lists and quotes and so on. I usually write them out, but this is very effective. I have been wanting to pick up my scrapbook journal again. It's been months!

Judy said...

I'm delighted to see that you are picking this up again, Brenda! I always enjoyed seeing your scrapbooking pages in the past.

Also, I'm so glad to see the wonderful "summer afternoon" quote included n one of your pages - it's a favourite of mine.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful creation! It's inspired me to have a go at this lovely art.
Previous to this, I always thought that scrap-booking had to be quite formal with a specific theme. Now I've seen your gorgeous book, I have the confidence to make my own. :)
I think my scrapbook will be full of things I love: the countryside, cottages, wallpapers, blue skies, flowers, vintage clothing, ballerinas, Bichons, lace, ... oh, I could go on and on!
I fractured a bone in my leg last week, so a new, creative, amusing hobby sounds just the ticket.

Rebecca said...

...yet another thing I've never tried... What a creative and satisfying way to invest some time!

Vee said...

🌿 It’s a lovely eay to create. Handwriting does personalize a quote in a charming way.

Melissa said...

Did you actually "type" out some of those sayings, or use a font on the computer, because it really does look like typewriter font? Lovely pages, and your use of the washi tape is so pretty. I love a Seasonal Journal. And I've started a Summer "living" list, not a "Bucket" list!

Angela said...

Your scrapbook pages look great!

Ian's Girl said...

I love your beautiful scrapbook journal! I think you might enjoy something called a "junk journal"; I am not crazy about the name ( I think people call them that because they originally used junk mail as the base?) but I enjoy making them.

Don't know if you watch youtube, but I think you'd especially enjoy the styles of of youtubers delygirl1961, Lori(Just A Girl From the Bay) and Joanna Clough.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas in this form of scrapbooking...I am using a bit in the book I am writing for my offspring about my mom and her family. Being my grandchildren will never know them in this else will they know about them? Any ideas you share like this are much appreciated!!

Julie D. said...

Loved your sharings on your journal - I saw several great quotes that I added to MY journal!

Thank you - love your blog . . .

Karla said...

Brenda, I love this! I had started a book like this years ago and I just stopped for some reason. You have inspired me to pick it up again. Thank you!!

One question I do have - what kind of glue do you use for this? I found I had a hard time getting the magazine clippings especially to stick long-term.