Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Prayer that Turned the World Upside Down, a review

I have read a few books through the years about the Lord's Prayer but this is by far the best. Dr. Mohler provides both sound theology with an easy-to-read format as he explains how Jesus used this prayer to teach us how to pray.

  • The Lord's Prayer: An Overview
  • And When You Pray: Why Jesus Doesn't Think Much of Routine Christian Prayer
  • Hallowing the Father's Name: Where Authentic Prayer Begins
  • Your Kingdom Come: Whose Agenda is Our Concern Anyway?
  • Give Us This Day: God's Abundant Physical Provisions
  • Forgive Us Our Debts: The Prayer of God's New Covenant People
  • Lead Us Not into Temptation: Fighting the Enemy Through Prayer
  • Epilogue: Thine is the Kingdom

A quote from the book that I particularly liked is, "... Our prayers reveal our deepest convictions about God, about ourselves, and about the world around us.  Every word we utter in prayer, every idea and concept that we form as we pray, and every emotion that flows out of our heart is a reflection of what we believe about God and about the gospel of Christ."

This is an excellent book for anyone wanting to improve their prayer life, theologically sound but easy to understand.

The Prayer that Turned the World Upside Down was provided by the publisher but the opinions are my own.

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Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

This book is very timely to me! Especially with all the recent calls for changing this timeless prayer. I have held it in special awe since, as a child, I was told it was the ONLY prayer our Lord specifically gave us to pray (Matthew 6:9-13). Thank you so much for reviewing this book! I will be taking a closer look at it. Hope all is well with you!

ellen b said...

Thanks for the review and the recommendation.