Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday Afternoon Tea - Baking, Books, and Bigfoot

I was watching an episode of a new-to-me cooking program this week called Moosemeat and Marmalade.   One of the chefs is a Native Canadian and the other a French trained chef from England who now lives in Canada.  I've only seen a few episodes but I've thoroughly enjoyed each one.

As I was watching it, I thought how I probably enjoy the show because it speaks to both sides of my personality.  The side that loves tea time, baking, and books... and the side whose favorite TV show is Finding Bigfoot.  God created me that way, you know.

Each of us has a different Story and it is being written by the Master Storyteller.  Theologians have pondered for centuries the dilemma of how God's master plan works combined with man's ability to make his own choices.  I don't have a clue but I do know that the Truth is written in our lives and we will not understand completely until that day we stand in His presence.

I used to think God only used us through our gifts.  It seemed as if those who the world knew as Christians in ministry were either great preachers, evangelists, singers, writers, etc.  Of course, to my human way of thinking... the more famous one was meant that they had more of God's abilities... that they were the people He could use the most.

Then more years went by, more trips around the sun for this planet and this person.  He was able to teach wisdom to this hard head, to get through Truth in spite of the theology I had been taught that if bad things happen in your life it has to be sin and not... gasp... God's purpose being fulfilled.  It was not until He opened my eyes to the Truth that my past (and present) made sense.

I once wished for a different childhood and wondered if the sufferings I went through as the years passed were a result of bad decisions.  Certainly this is not what God intended.  It wasn't that I doubted God's existence, I just wasn't sure I trusted His ability to answer prayer. 

After all, my life didn't fit the plan I imagined. Not even close! I realized later that I had tried to create God in the image of what I wanted... more like Santa than a Savior. He was there to meet my needs, wasn't He?  Something had to be wrong with me or... with Him... as life was far from abundant.

When one walks with Jesus over the years, hopefully we receive good teaching to better understand His ways.  As we learn from His Word, read books by other believers, and observe years of answered prayer during difficult times... one begins to see the full picture of the work He does in us and through us. 

God often uses us best where He has allowed our hurt the most.

I noticed a trend a few years ago, as I would listen to various Bible teachers, that there was a theme which ran through each life.  For many of them, there had been great suffering and even trauma in life.  However, God met them in their weakness, redeemed them to live for Him... and then used their experiences for them to help others.

For instance, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, Sheila Walsh, and Ann Voskamp all suffered childhood trauma that were seeds planted for their ministries today.  Billy Graham's daughter, Ruth (Bunny), has gone through three divorces and ministers to those who feel rejected by the church.  Joni Erickson Tada and her husband's ministry is a result of her accident as a teenager that left her a paraplegic. 

He will redeem our suffering and use it if we let Him.

Each person who has accepted Christ as Savior is His ambassador as they walk on this planet.  He places us exactly where we are to be His hands, His feet, sharing His message of salvation, His redemption, and His grace to those around us. We have... each of us... a unique set of experiences, skills, backgrounds, likes, dislikes, etc.  He doesn't create dull people. 

More than likely, you are a conglomeration of oddities just like I am.  You probably will not enjoy tea time in the afternoon and read a book about Bigfoot in the evening.  But I'm fairly sure you have your own far reaching interests that others may think... odd... and God made you that way. 

He knew who your parents were and in what part of the world you were to be born and that you would need coffee before you operated a vehicle each morning. 

He gave you talents and interests that would take you before Kings... or to teach five year old kids in Sunday School.  He knew there would be people who needed love and encouragement and a good chocolate chip cookie... and placed you in their world.

No one else can do the work for Jesus that you can do.  Absolutely no one.  If you still have breath in your lungs, there is still something only you can do.  For Him.  For the Kingdom.  You may not even know what it is this side of Heaven but you are important to the work of Christ.

I wonder if Bigfoot likes tea and cute little sandwiches?

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lives in the woods said...

I read your beautiful post, then went to the kindle app on my iPad where I am reading The Personal Life of David Livingstone. I am halfway through this 720 page tome (can an ereader be a time? - not sure).

Anyway he writes:
“March 3, 1859.–If we dedicate ourselves to God unreservedly He will make use of whatever peculiarities of constitution He has imparted for his own glory, and He will in answer to prayer give wisdom to guide. He will so guide as to make useful. O how far am I from that hearty devotion to God I read of in others! The Lord have mercy on me a sinner!”

Excerpt From: William Garden Blaikie. “The Personal Life of David Livingstone.” iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

I like that 'peculiarities of constitution'. Yours may be Bigfoot, mine is reading about survival living. God uses our uniqueness to glorify Him. That must be a delight to Him!

Anonymous said...

Love this!! I so agree. It wasn't until I read Acts 17, how many times over the years?, and finally GOT what it was saying, that I tumbled to this. Once again, my friend, you've hit it out of the ballpark! Pam (SD)

Mary said...

How encouraging, Brenda. Thank you. I've always been fascinated with the British Royal Family. And had a childhood of OCD, not knowing what my problem was. Now, I'm a grown up and have learned there's a name for it. How wonderful to think He can use me (broken as I am) for whatever His purposes.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

One day we’ll know all about the Bigfoot!

I really agree with what you say in this post! He uses all things in our lives to make us who He has created us to be!

Little Penpen said...

I love this post! And I do agree, that sometimes our biggest hurts are the ones we grow through and help others the most! <3