Thursday, January 11, 2018

Hello Mornings, a review

I know I promised a review of Kat Lee's book last week but I've been buried beneath a box of tissues and a large jar of Vick's Salve.  Except for the cough drops on the table, I'm much better.

I must say that my delay in reviewing Kat's book has nothing to do with how much I liked it.  The subtitle of this book is "How to Build a Grace-Filled Life-Giving Morning Routine" and this is a rare instance where the promise offered on the cover of the book is completely fulfilled within the pages.

Kat begins by sharing her story, then builds up to explaining why slowly changing how we do our morning routines will make a significant difference to our lives, and ends with a large section of practical ways to meet the goals of getting closer to the Lord and walking with Him.

Part One:  Why Mornings?
One: Setting the Stage
Two: Do Our Mornings Matter?
Three: Are You Ready?
Four: Laying the Foundation for Your Morning Routine

Part Two: Your Morning Routine Blueprint
Five: God Time
Six: Plan Time
Seven: Move Time

Part Three: Your Morning Routine Toolkit
Eight: How to Build Habits
Nine: The Power of Preparation
Ten: Community and Accountability
Eleven: Call to Action

I highly recommend this book, not only to people wanting to change their morning routines but for anyone who has a goal they want to reach.  This is one book I'd say get the paperback version and not the Kindle for you will want to go back and mark up parts of it over and over.

Hello Mornings was provided by the publisher for the sake of review but the opinions are my own.

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Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I signed up to read the first chapter and received it in my email but haven’t read it yet.

I hope to get to it soon!

Anonymous said...


just "passing by" your blog and now I have to add one book to the readtobook2018....

Get well soon

fr. Freddy