Saturday, October 28, 2017

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Shopping a little here and there

If I needed any reminder that the Holidays are not too far away, the fact that the Hallmark Channel has begun their Christmas movie marathon (that lasts through December) would be enough but the magazine rack at the grocery store is now overlapping Autumn and Christmas issues.

Actually, if I was making Christmas gifts instead of baking them, I'd probably be starting a little late if I began right now.  However, I have given baked and homemade gifts from the kitchen for a long time so late October is a good time to start my "little at a time" baking shopping.

It would be expensive if I had to buy everything at once but by getting one or two items a week, I can stretch the expense out to a manageable amount.  I keep an eye on sales and for items that may sell out quickly.

So far I have set aside two bags of cinnamon chips and I am hoping they will stay on the shelves so I can stock up more as the budget permits.  The stores in my town have not carried them for years and I have a couple of recipes that are best made with cinnamon chips. 

I noticed the salted caramel chips are back this year, too.  Except last year I kept eating them out of the bag so I probably will not bring that temptation back in the house.  Just saying...  It's the same reason I don't buy half-price Halloween candy in November.

I have purchased one bottle of vanilla extract this year and I'll probably get a second because I tend to be heavy handed with the vanilla in recipes.  When I did a lot of baking, I made my own vanilla extract but these days it is financially more feasible to buy it pre-made.  I do only use the real vanilla extract.

I bought one small jar of spice that needed replaced and I'll be purchasing a couple more that are almost empty.  I've written before that I use spices that are many years old and find them just fine.  Herbs... not so much. 

Although the Herbes de Provence my daughter brought home from Europe a few years ago is still tasty.  I used it on baked chicken recently to check for flavor.  There was plenty of herbal goodness left, I just used more than I did when it was fresher.

The other bit of stocking up I began this month was purchasing just one pound of butter for the freezer when I was at the store.  I will be slipping more into the Ziploc bag until I get at least six one-pound boxes, or more if there is a good sale.  I use just store brand salted butter for my Holiday baking. 

The only thing I did this week to prepare for an emergency was to restock my purse and the glove compartment in the car with granola bars. My favorite granola bars are the Sweet & Salty Cashew bars I get at Aldis for only $1.50 a box.  While not as nutritious as say a protein bar, they are perfect for those of us who need to avoid low blood sugar.

I missed a doctor's appointment due to vertigo last week (blame the sudden change in the weather!) so that reminded me when I see him on the rescheduled date, I need to ask to have my prescription for vertigo medicine refilled.  I haven't had to use it in years but it should be on hand if needed.  In mild cases, Benedryl helps but when it is more severe, my doctor prefers the use of actual vertigo medication.

That's all I can think of this week.

Image:  Come to think of it, a couple jars of lemon curd should go on the grocery store list.


Sandi said...

Those look SO GOOD!

Out My window said...

When I saw the lemon curd I thought of Christmas Sand bakkels yum.

mdoe37 said...

I used your tip on putting butter by in the freezer. It came in so handy when the prices went up. I did see butter for $2.39 a pound at Aldi the other day, so I'll start filling a bag again. I'm not going through the butter I once did, so I'm wrapping each stick in a small piece of foil, then putting it in the Ziplock. Just as fresh as can be! Saved me from being stuck with cheap margarine.

Speaking of caramels, Aldi has the most fabulous dark chocolate covered caramels (salted on top)....a little pricey at $2.99 a box for this month's budget, so my waistline is thanking me. (I pick off the

I miss holiday baking...once baking hundreds of cookies...last year one measly batch. (although they were Sour Cream Drops with Browned Butter Icing) I'm hoping someday I'll find some recipients again.

Jaynie said...

Where do you find your cinnamon chips? I looked all over for them last year and couldn't find them.
Someone told me the Payless on Beck Lane, but I must have been too late.

Kathie said...

I do the butter, too. And watch for specials on nuts for baking and salads this time of year. People really seem to like homemade caramels as gifts, so keep an eagle-eye out for corn syrup and sweetened condensed milk, too.

Vee said...

You know, I learned a lot here today. Firstly, I have never seen either cinnamon or caramel chips. (And I thought I was well stocked with milk chocolate, peppermint, Skor, and peanut butter chips.) I also had no idea that Benadryl can help some with vertigo. With the change in weather, I have a couple of friends who are dealing with it. Also did not know that there was a medication specifically for vertigo. Happy grocery gathering!

Debbie said...

Yum! I'm doing the same as you with stocking up little by little. Butter has been outrageously expensive lately but I was finally able to find some at Costco for just under $3 a pound. I've been freezing overripe bananas too in ziplock bags. It makes making banana bread so easy.

Anonymous said...

Just recently due to car problems I had to rely on what was in the pantry. I found myself remembering many of the suggestions from your posts. Once I was able to make a trip to the grocery store I purchased the items that I had needed the most. I will never be without them again! You have inspired me to prepare my pantry more carefully.