Saturday, August 12, 2017

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Checking those expiration dates!

I don't use the medicine cabinet in our bathroom very much.  Which is probably evident when my husband brought me a box of cough syrup last week to check for the expiration date.  We both agreed it had been in the cabinet "awhile".

Well, imagine my surprise when I finally found the date (it was embossed into the box and hard to find) to read the expiration was... 11/2010.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Seven years ago!  As surprised as I was, I do think I remember buying that when Christopher had a cold when he was in college.  Sheesh. 

When I had children living at home, the medicine cabinet and First Aid kit were always checked a couple times a year to make certain we had everything needed to keep a middle of the night run to the drug store unnecessary.  Why it would be so important then and not now would probably require counseling.  I'd prefer just to spend the money on First Aid items.

I'd usually check the First Aid kits and medicine cabinet when school began each year.  Whether it was public school, college, or when we homeschooled our son.  With winter cold and flu season just around the corner and shopping for school supplies, anyway, it was a good time to check for needed purchases.

I used to have a Cold and Flu kit which I should do again.  Especially after getting hit with that infection last winter.  I talked a little bit about it here.

Time does seem to go faster than we realize.  You may remember that a few months ago, I took all the canned goods and such out of the kitchen cabinets where they are kept and every item was checked for their expiration date.  There were cans that had to be tossed and I am always getting things out of those cabinets. It will happen but not as often if we check a couple times a year.

So this brief Saturday post is just a reminder to check your expiration dates. When there truly is a need for First Aid and medications, we certainly don't want what is on our shelves to be out of date!  I'd be interested in knowing if any of you found medicine that old.

If you were a fan of Laine's Letters like me, Annabel has recent suggestions from her!  They can be found... here and here.  It was good to hear from Laine again.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I am surprised to find something in the medicine cabinet "past due". Time does have a way of getting away from us (and seems to be moving faster). I am so glad to see some of Laine's Letters back again. Wish I had known her posts "way back when". They would have been so helpful to me in my younger years. But am still thrilled to learn new things even now as a "senior citizen"! "Titus" ladies like you and Laine and Annabel are such a blessing. Blessings to you all, Sharon D.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I've found things way out of date before, too! It happens!

I used to read Laine's Letters years ago. I think she has a lot of good tips.

I am amazed at the prices of food in Australia! OH MY!

Sherry said...

thanks for that ready reminder, brenda.
i recently reached for a topical solution
for a cut finger (knives are sharp! duh.)
and found the exp date as 2013. sigh.
my pantry needs a good going over and i'm
sure i'll find some treasures for the bin.

Carol said...

I believe that this happens in most homes. My mother in law has a bad habit of keeping everything and I am constantly reminding her that we have to check for those dates and we always throw things away.

Vee said...

Like all chores, this checking for expiration dates keeps coming around again...I know I did it a few years ago, I think. I keep such a small pantry these days...will have to rethink that coming into cold weather in a few short months.

The Journey said...

it maybe still good. There was a test run and said a lot of things good for 15yrs after the expiration date. I don't keep them that long but I am sure somewhere back in prep cabinet is some old stuff.