Saturday, August 05, 2017

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Another procrastination project is finished

I took my own advice from last week's Sunday Afternoon Tea post and filled four boxes of items for charity.  Two of them were full of vintage dishes I thought I would use one day.  I loved the way they reminded me of an earlier time in history and at about 99 cents a plate, they were inexpensive to collect over the years.

This is a project I've considered for a long time.  To be honest, most of the reason it wasn't accomplished sooner was the emotional pull of the objects.  It wasn't until I realized it was what they reminded me of and not the objects themselves that made me happy that I could get rid of them.

Someone is going to walk into the thrift store and be thrilled for they are exactly what they need.  I do not need them.  I have three complete sets of dishes to choose from when I have company... my collection of brown transferware, my Everyday Lenox, and Great Grandmother's china that was inherited.  Should my children want any of my dishes, it would be among those three sets, anyway.

I had already kept only the most loved teacups and teapots.  That process of getting rid of what I really liked was not easy, either.  However, I don't even think about those that I sent to charity and gave to other people.  If I see a teacup and saucer for a couple dollars at a thrift store or antique mall, I will buy it if it is one I would love for my collection.  But that happens rarely these days.

I don't have to actually use all my collections for some of them give me joy in looking at them!  So my criteria on keeping things is not necessarily if they are practical. I also have never gone by the rule one reads that if an item hasn't been used or worn in the past year, then get rid of it.  Attachment to objects has no "Use By" date in this house.

As is usually the case, when I start on a downsizing project, it tends to spill over into other parts of the house.  Perhaps because I know a trip to the thrift store or Goodwill is going to be made, anyway.  I'm not sure, I suspect it is simply while I'm in the mood to downsize there is a part of me that takes advantage of it.

So this past week also found me removing some collected items in the family room as well as changing wall art in that room to simplify what one sees when entering the room.  Every time I looked in one particular corner, it bothered me.  It had become... too much.  So another box was brought in from the garage and filled with items that had once been useful and now was ready for someone else to enjoy.

Of course, nothing that has great emotional attachment goes easily.  They seldom go at all.  No, it is when one does most of their decorating of accessories, artwork, etc. while thrifting that it is easy to enjoy them for awhile and then pass them on.  Only those which find a permanent place in my heart remain.

There is something about taking boxes of stuff to charity (or having a garage sale if you are so disposed) that provides a way of looking at our rooms differently.  Once the clutter is cleared out, when what we truly love and enjoy is left, then we can see if anything else is actually needed.  Most of the time we have... enough.

Photo:  Dishes getting packed for charity.  (The lovely wooden bowl with apples was a gift that is a permanent item on the coffee table, it stays!)


Naomi Jones said...

I really enjoy your blog posts. My procrastination is deepening our pantry. But it also has a good reason. We are sorting through food allergies right now so I don't want to invest in our pantry before I know what's appropriate for our family. Thanks for the inspiration!

rebecca said...

That IS a lovely wooden bowl!
Sounds like you're on a roll. Keep it up. :)

Vee said...

Okay. You're making me think a little differently. I am sitting here now knowing that something in this room does not belong. It's not leaving the house, but it is leaving this room. Progress! One thing. 🙂 I like your two aha moments...I might have to jot them down so I remember them.

Cheri said...

Ahhh. Dishes. My mother's love language. She loved setting a pretty table. We broke up Mom and Dad's household (she has had Alzheimer's for 12 years) when Dad moved into Assisted Living earlier thisthis year - there were 5 sets of dishes.

I have 4, tho I bought none of them (2 came from Mom).

Between what Mom had, my sisters and I have AND my 3 daughter's in love - we could feed a small army.

There is nothing like a beautifully set table that makes me smile and think of Mom.

Good of you to bless someone else with yours, Brenda.

Debbie said...

Do you have an online place where you could possibly sell some of the things you are getting rid of? It could potentially bring in some extra income. ;)

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love what you said about when you thrift shop it's easy to enjoy something for awhile and then let it go!

Anonymous said...

I find it's better to skip the garage sale and take the stuff to the thrift shop before anyone else has a chance to go through it and protest. "But we might need this someday." (The war cry of all pack rats.:)

Anonymous said...

I love how I can get rid of things but can't part with others. Then when the next time rolls around to tweak and get rid of things those first kept things now feel right to go! One step at a time. Now to start again and get on with that next step!! LOL Sarah

Anonymous said...

I love a good clear out. It's fun to see a clear shelf again. And then I wonder how in the world it all accumulated in the first place?!!! 😁 I'm to the place that I skip garage sales and thrift stores, which I used to love, because I have enough. I'm glad you kept the wooden bowl. 😉 I would have too. Pam (SD)

LauraC said...

If I need any inspiration to get rid of stuff, all it takes is watching an episode of Hoarders. I have to pause the show many times and get a box and start filling it. Seriously.