Wednesday, February 01, 2017

This, That, and Florentine

It has been awhile since I wrote a "just hello" kind of post.  Frankly, there is not a whole lot to write about.  We experienced February-like weather in January so I'm kinda' hoping we will receive more sunshine this month.  It was just cold enough to feel the damp chill so I needed copious amounts of hot beverages and a warm throw.

I used Amazon credit to purchase Season 3 of Shetland (for some reason, it has not shown on our PBS channel) but instead of a DVD, I purchased it for Amazon video.  It was cheaper that way and I could watch it on the iPad under said throw.  Since my DSL is not very fast... okay, it is really slow here in the country... it is hard to stream video and it takes about an hour to download each episode (my iPad only has storage room for one episode at a time).

However, it was entirely worth it as I enjoyed watching each episode all warm and cozy.  I loved this season, very different than the first two because it revolves around one crime and everything that happens as a result of the first murder.  Shetland is gritty and there is the BBC necessary implied "alternative lifestyle" couple in it but I do like brooding mysteries.  Which may or may not say something about my personality!  It's similar to Wallander that way.

On a more cheerful note, I want to thank everyone who sent Christmas cards.  I enjoyed each one of them and I usually respond to each but I got a little carried away cleaning my desk one day and threw away envelopes before transferring addresses to my address book.

Sigh... So if you did not hear back from me, that is the reason.  I do want to thank my bloggy friend who slipped the $5.00 in her card!  I got away for a much needed coffee break with it and I was miffed that I couldn't tell you about it.  ;)

Florie playing with a gift from her Auntie B.

Of course, I have to give you an update on Florentine (aka: Florie).  She is beginning to settle into her own place in the household nicely.  Actually, like the three kitties who went before her... I think she plans to take over completely.  We are getting used to having a very young cat around and for the most part she is well behaved and brings a lot of laughter.  She has filled the kitty void nicely.

I still mourn very much for my Victoria.  Perhaps that is part of the quiet around here, too.  I especially feel her absence here in the Study where I now (thank you, Jesus!) have the computer to write blog posts.  Florentine is a big help in getting through the grief that I know will continue to fade.  Victoria's memory never will for I have lots of photos throughout this blog of my "super model" Maine Coon but the hurt heals.  Eventually.

Thank you very much to Susan, whose kitty gifts  helped me in the grief... and to Bonnie, whose gifts to Florentine have made her one happy kitty!  Both are kitty loving blog friends who experienced their own loss recently.

Not to mention all the comments, prayers, and condolences.  We have a special bond with our animals, which began in Eden.  We also get to know animals online just as we do humans.  I cried when the Pioneer Woman's Charlie diedHe was part of her blog from the beginning.

I only have one review book on the way so far and I'm in the midst of reading an e-book on the Kindle to review... so I'm thinking there will be time for a Book Talk next week!  I'm reading through a series of four books, something I haven't done in awhile.  One right after the other.  With a warm throw around me and a hot beverage on the coffee table!  I know... I'll think of this cold weather kindly in mid-July.

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Mary M. said...

I LOVE Shetland! So atmospheric with great acting. Waiting for my library system to get Season 3. The books that inspired the show (by Ann Cleeves) just came to my library and I am reading one right after the other. Also like Wallander as well.

Hard for non-animal lovers to understand that our pets are family and we grieve for them as much as we do for our human family members. Glad that your new kitty is helping you.

Vee said...

Charlie died? Oh...I had not heard that. Guess I don't visit PW as often as I once did. Seems I return to those posts with those tried and true recipes.

The nickname Florie reminds me of Fioré, which John always pronounced "Fee or ee." Fun memories.

So glad that you have a computer in your study now...what a blessing!

You and I do not share a love of moody mysteries. Someone always winds up dead. 😕

Are you watching Victoria on PBS Masterpiece theater?

Sherry said...

other than donning sweats & coat to take the pooch for a walk/stroll/mosey .. i've remained in my pink pajamas. all. day. long. no shame. none. but as the hubs is on his way home from work i admit to a sense of guilt. it'll last but a moment i'm sure. enjoy the warmth 'neath your covers watching a new-to-me series.. you are the queen of book and film information. :)

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I've not heard of Shetland at all - I'll have to check it out.

Florie is a cute kitty!

It's going to be cold here tomorrow!

Happy February and heres hoping that our weather will be sunny and mild!

Anonymous said...

Florie looks to be a very healthy kitty...and looks like some mischief in those eyes too. I WISH we could have a dog...but guess we will just keep getting our doggie fix from daughter's dog. He is hairless, so not that fun to pet...but he does like some scratching and messing about...and loves to play ball. Glad you sound as if you are feeling better these days!!
Elizabeth in WA

Heather LeFebvre said...

I haven't heard of Shetland before! I'll definitely have to give it a try!!! I'm feeling the cold a whole lot more this week -- but also hoping we have more sunshine in February.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I have enjoyed Shetland, too, and also the books. Today was a sunny day here, and I am always amazed what a difference that makes to me. Be well! Have fun with Florie!

Bonnie said...

Love the photo of Florie with her toy! Such a pretty girl. Thank you for the aunt status! May God give you many years with her!

Susan Humeston said...

Oh - I had not read this post - I don't know how I missed it! I know how you feel about Victoria - I think about Buster all the time. I was organizing the pictures on my computer last weekend and found many of him that I put in his own folder. I will never forget him - I swear he was not just a cat, although I can't really describe it. Hope you feel better soon from the flu - it is nasty this year. I hope I don't get it!! I'm glad Florie is there to keep you company and cheer you up.