Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Afternoon Tea - Staying on Script

I must admit that I was tempted to talk more about the election here but you will be relieved to know that whenever I thought about it... except for the couple of posts I did write... I felt God telling me the same thing over and over.  That was... stay on script.

The thought made me laugh as it was a recommendation one of the political candidates received many times after getting in trouble by saying something outrageous instead of the speech that had been approved ahead of time.  I think we could all learn from that.

The script here has changed now and then due to the passage of time and circumstances.  For instance, my homeschooler is now a college graduate, married, and a father of the cutest baby.  But there has been a thread throughout the years of living life in spite of hardships, living with Beauty, creating Beauty, the love of great books, and coffee, and tea, and most of all... keeping true to the Creator of all that Beauty.

What is your script?  What does your journey say about God's calling on your life.  We all have a journey and a calling.  Many years ago when I was going through an intense time of trials and struggles, I felt like that journey was over.  Many of the things I loved to do were no longer possible.  It was at that time He reminded me this... if there is breath in a person, then He continues to have a purpose for them.

If you are not certain of your script, your journey, then look at what fills you with joy.  What has brought you to this time in your life... this place... with these people. Also, what trials have you come through?  For I am convinced that through the years, God allows trials to form our journey.  Much like a flowing river forms rock formations given enough time.

Everyone has a God given gift which He has bestowed so we can do that which He has set before us.  For instance, my son-in-law is a scientist with a PhD in Statistics.  Which boggles my mind... as math became overwhelming once I hit the 4th grade and we had to multiply and divide fractions.

My son can "think in code" and designs Apps for computers.  I know how to download an App from iTunes but that is about the extent of it.  But God didn't create me to be a scientist or a software engineer.  He gave me the ability to put words together and the spiritual gift of baking cookies.  (I tell people that is located in 2nd Hezekiah.)

I have a precious friend who has the gift of giving and sometimes I'm the recipient whose days she makes brighter.  I think of friends like Sally Clarkson who brings together her trials and truths to help young (and shall I say... old) moms throughout the world.  I listen to the words written and sung by The Grey Havens and while I love all of their music, I've been known to put Far Kingdom on repeat to play over and over and over again.

You have a script written by the Eternal one that only you can speak.  You have a journey that only you can walk.  No one else is as uniquely created as you are.  No matter how young you are or how old you are or how healthy you are or how poor you are or how rich you are or where you live... only you can be the person He designed you to become.

Thankfully for you (and me), my political script ended long ago when the Writer of the Story inserted a few unanticipated chapters that He knew were in my script all along.  Perhaps your script has never changed very much or you may have had your journey turned upside down and feel as if He is rewriting the entire book. 

But it is your script and your journey and if you are trusting Him as not only Savior but as Lord... it ends well you know. 


Anonymous said...

I love the idea that it is God who has given us our gifts to use for others. When my friends and I do a Bible study, I'm amazed at how the writer of the study thinks ... so very different than I do. A person being able to "think in code" like your son, and mine too, is very definitely a gift. God has a plan for each and every child of His and that includes special gifts. I love knowing this because I can so easily think I'm "lesser" than they are. You do such a nice job of putting these things into words and yes, you are gifted in that area!! Thanks for using your gift to bless those of us who read your blog. Pam (SD)

ellen b said...

I've laid low on speaking about the election. I hope I never lay low on speaking about my Lord and Savior and what Jesus has done for me. I like that..."Staying on Script"

Anonymous said...

Love the Brambly Hedge teacup and book! Thank-you for these words of encouragement: "You have a journey that only you can walk. No one else is as uniquely created as you are...Only you can be the person He designed you to become." Really hit the nail on the head for me today! God Bless!
Hugs, Laura C.(WA)

Wendy Gower said...

I'm pretty sure God's calling on my life is to help others live the best possible life they can on any budget. God has given me amazing opportunities to share my frugal tips through different forms of media. The trials that come our way can be tough to go through but there are lessons to be learnt and lessons to share with others.

Carol said...

Brenda: Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us. (MD)

Heather LeFebvre said...

This is a great message post-election.

Judy said...

Hello Brenda,

This is not a reflective response to your afternoon tea chat - just a comment in response to the sweet Brambly Hedge cup and book. I wonder if you saw this wonderful feature from The Guardian newspaper (below) from a year or so ago? In it, Jill Barklem's exquisite illustrations are matched with stunning Wildlife Trust photographs.

A found it delightful reprieve from too much noise in the world!