Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Photographs From the Edge, a review

Art Wolfe's PBS show called Travels to the Edge is one of my favorite programs to watch on their Create channel. So I was interested in this book even though the only photos I take are for family, friends, and my blog.

This beautiful book captures the essence of the TV program and much more.  A compilation of Wolfe's favorite photographs he has taken throughout his career, the subject matter covers the world.  It brings each one of us into a part of the world we most likely have never and will never visit ourselves.

With each photo, he shares the story behind the photo as well as a brief "Photo tip" on the technical side of the photo shoot.  I think the one down side of the book is that a number of photos do not take up an entire page, although there are plenty that do.  But that brings me to what this book is not.

It is not a huge glossy coffee table book.  Instead it is a book to read as well as to look at and while the photos are the star of the show... the prose is equally important.  If the photos were all larger, then there would have been little room for the writing.  It is also just the right size to view photos without being too large or too heavy.

I highly recommend this book even to people who have no interest in photography.  It would make a great Christmas gift. It is for any armchair traveler who is fascinated by both nature and other cultures.  While it is not your typical coffee table book, it is not a book you will skim once and then put away on the shelves.  This book is one to keep out and enjoy.

Photographs From the Edge was provided by Blogging For Books for the sake of review but the opinion is my own.

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Terra said...

This book looks like my husband and I would like it, and now I will look into the tv series.

phonelady said...

I'm dying to get this book and review it . Just found your blog and thanks . yes nice things can be in a house and around us .

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

We don't have cable or satellite so I am unfamiliar with this show. I'll check out PBS's website and see if I can find it!

The Cooler Side of My Pillow said...

Hi Brenda:

I love your blog, so comfy and homey or gemutlich as they say in Germany. I, too, love to read. I'm linking to a recent post about what I've been reading this early fall.

Thanks for all you do!

Annie from The Cooler Side of My Pillow

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with the post today (although I am always glad to see a new post) but I am so glad to see the links on the sidebar.
I have mised them. Blessings, Sharon D.