Thursday, September 29, 2016

A mystery, a new computer, a podcast, and a wedding photo

I'm hoping as cooler weather arrives to have more mid-week blog posts on weeks I don't have book reviews.  Right now I have a stack of books waiting to be read and reviewed.  Lots of good stuff coming out these days.

About the links at the sidebar, I have no idea where they went.  I haven't changed a thing. They are not even showing up in "Design".  Since Blogger went to Google+, a lot of strange things have happened and now to ask a question to "Help" or even on the Blogger forum, I have to accept all of Google+.  So I'll wait a week or so and see if it pops back up on its' own.  I use that column daily.

It is getting more difficult to have a blog that is not linked in to numerous unwanted places.  I was sharing with friends recently that I mentioned in a private email to a friend (in the blog's email account) that my knees were aching after sorting through numerous bookshelves in the house to downsize my collection.  The next time I got on Facebook, there was an advertisement for knee surgery!  Creepy.  Amazon ads I understand but from a private (there is no such thing these days) email?

Added Note:  I was finally able to get through to the Blogger forum which doesn't require Google+.  Apparently other blogs are having the same problem and they are looking to see if the links can be restored.

For the good news, the Study now has a computer!  Friends were downsizing to a smaller home this summer and they offered a computer they could no longer use to my husband.  He declined, thinking only of the newer computer in our very small home Office.  What????  Call them back!!!!  Of course, we'll take it.

So the next day (?), our friend came to our home with a very nice computer and the sound system he used with it.  Unfortunately for him, and not for me... the nice stereo sound system doesn't work with his current computer.  It took awhile for Christopher to find time to hook the computer up and tell me what part I had to order to get it online.  Then I waited to order the part when my Amazon credit came in.

Then it took awhile for me to decide not to wait on him but to hook the rest of it up myself, including the sound system with numerous cords.  He was right, it was fairly logical once I started.  All this to say, it took patience and persistence but it is working great and I've been customizing it for my needs.  What an answer to prayer that our friends thought to ask us!

Since the above photo was taken, I have moved the Prismacolor pencils and other art supplies to the bookshelves that hold... art supplies.  It will be easy to get them out when I want to use them.  Now that cooler weather has arrived and there will be less need for outdoor work soon, I'll have more time for creative projects again.

One other thing to share... my friends, Sally Clarkson and Kristen Kill, are starting a new podcast series that will include Sarah Fink-Jensen (formerly Clarkson).  They will be writing on Sally's blog, too.  You can find information about the series... here... and about the podcast... here.

As I have written, my daughter and oldest granddaughter went to Oxford to attend Sarah's wedding.  They helped create bouquets in the morning, rushed home to change, and then attended the wedding.  The reception was held a little later in the day per British custom.  The above photo was taken by Elisabeth and Sarah used it on her blog so I know it is okay to share.  She was such a beautiful bride!


Anonymous said...

Brenda, what a blessing to have a new computer! All my computers have been refurbishments and they work wonderfully :0) Enjoy it! and the bride and groom look radiant :D mari

Vee said...

Wonderful answer to prayer and I am so impressed that you were able to hook it up yourself! Sarah and her handsome groom make such a lovely couple.

Anonymous said...

So glad you have a computer of your own now. A blessing for you ... and for us, your readers. Blessings, Sharon D.

Anonymous said...

Ah men...what can a person say?? GUESS he doesn't care if you claim more time on the one computer eh?? Hope this one turns out to be a super duper machine!! Nice of your friends to share too...have fun!!
Elizabeth in WA

Sandy said...

I actually found your blog through a blog roll on someone else's the other day. I bookmarked it to go back and look at later. I am glad I found you. My blog roll disappeared two days ago as well. I ended up just putting it all back in again. Frustrating. Spooky too how much the whatever knows about us. Big Brother has been here for some time in that sense.