Saturday, July 09, 2016

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Trust God But Pass the Rice

I was sharing with a friend who reads this blog that my purpose with the Saturday posts is not to scare anyone but to gently nudge readers every week to think about adding to their pantry.  Even if it is a little at a time.  My purpose is never to plant a seed of fear but to share the realization that the more prepared we are spiritually and physically for difficult times (which can come from even a financial setback), the easier it is for us to face tomorrow with peace.

However, for the first time in a year or longer, I felt the Lord's leading to once again do more than a gentle nudge.  I don't do it often as I do prefer gentle nudges.  But I believe we may be heading for some interesting times and I do not want anyone to not have food in the house because I was to shy to tell you I feel God is saying to get ready for some turbulence.

I firmly believe God places us in the time which He wants us to live and equips us for whatever that time brings with it.  He is always with us and while it is easy to grow anxious or fearful... He can bring peace that passes understanding. 

Which is why we not only deepen the pantry but we draw closer to Him.  I have had seasons when I felt the hurricane force winds of adversity and had the mental image of holding onto His ankles for all I was worth!

There is a radio show I listen to from time to time if there is a guest I'm interested in hearing.  I have their app on the iPad and check to see what guest is on that day.  I haven't recommended it here as I don't always agree with the host and it leans heavily towards conspiracy theories.  However, he has really good guests.

One topic they have talked about a lot is the threat of civil unrest in America.  They were convinced we would see it escalate this year and reaching a peak as the elections come closer.  They also believed we would see an escalation in race wars this year, unlike anything we have seen since the 1960s.

I admit that I was doubtful about the whole political unrest thing for I have lived through heated presidential campaigns and they tended to cool down before the election.  But that was before Trump vs. Hillary vs. Sanders and we've seen riot police called in where political candidates were speaking.  Crazy.

There have now been enough Isis shootings in our nation (not to mention the world) that we must take seriously what law enforcement officials have said all along... it is not if but when there will be another large scale terrorist attack.  Even more unsettling is their opinion we will see the increase of lone wolf terrorists such as the Boston bombers and the recent terror attack in Orlando.

On Thursday we had the ambush of Dallas Police Officers in the name of Black Lives Matter after two shootings of black men by police in other states.  I would insert here that all lives matter, whatever the color of our skin.  One of the benefits of living near a University town is getting to know people of every color and tribe and religion face to face... in real life... as people.

So what does all of this have to do with the pantry?  Okay... I'm throwing caution to the wind here.  I don't want to scare anyone for I totally believe in God's protection.  But it is looking more and more like we are going into a rocky time until and perhaps after the election.  We are seeing realism on the news.

Now, that doesn't mean we will see civil unrest in our own neighborhoods or even our towns.  But if it happens, we have got to be prepared for staying home awhile and have extra food, water, pet food, etc. on hand.  And books.

It doesn't have to be happening around us to affect transportation and the availability of some products.  At worst if the civil unrest were to be in or near our towns, we may have to hunker down awhile before we can go to the grocery store.

Does this concern me?  Well, my husband and I were talking about it yesterday.  Due to the fact my long term insulin is over $1,000 a box, my insurance only pays for one box at a time. It only lasts about ten days.  I need it to survive and I can't get another prescription filled until I am down to one insulin pen. So for some of us we pray for miracles and prepare in the areas in which is possible. 

I keep as deep a pantry as I can afford which means I have oats, rice, some pasta, and a few flats of veggies like green beans and sometimes very little meat in the freezer.  Although, thankfully, I've been able to add chicken again recently.  There were some great sales before the 4th of July.

Holly Deyo, author of Dare to Prepare (and a longtime Internet friend), believes everyone should have canned food in their pantry for an emergency, most have their own cooking water.  Fruit is often canned in juice which would be helpful in an emergency. 

My husband was looking at the three flats I have of canned green beans and reminded me he much prefers the fresh green beans.  I reminded him what Holly said and does he want veggies in an emergency?  He did talk me into giving all but a few cans of corn to the church's food pantry since he is not suppose to eat GMO corn.  I negotiated a few cans for soup!

I know there are many who read these Saturday posts who believe in having as deep a pantry as possible.  To me that is an act of faith, putting money into a pantry instead of a trip to say... Aruba.  It is also a step of faith when those of us on a limited income spend some of it for the pantry, even if we cannot do a lot.  If we hear His still small voice to deepen the pantry at least a little, anything we have done will be worth it.

So I have done my part and passed on what I believe God is saying to His people.  I'm definitely not a prophet or anything like that but I do listen for His instructions and I also keep my ear to the ground to see what those I respect are saying.

Which is why I titled this post, "Trust God But Pass the Rice".  We are never to fear but we are always to obey if we feel He is saying to do something.  Pray about it.  For some He may say to have a couple weeks of food and necessary supplies on hand.  Other may (and have) felt that nudge to do more. 

If you are lacking peace after this last week, you may want to read a good book instead of watching the news as they replay the tragedies over and over.  Once was enough.  I got it.  I know how to pray for the victims both black and white.  But then I turn the TV off to read a book or even better... read The Book.

Sorry for the rambling post as I try to put my ponderings onto paper the world wide web.


lynneinMN said...

no apologies necessary. Rambling? What rambling? :-). These turbulent times are just a shadow of the evils to come, I believe. Without God, where is hope? Though I get angry and sad at what I see on the news, I know that He is in control, and can look to Him for Peace. Amen, and pass the rice... God Bless you! LynneinMN

Lee Ann said...

Great post. Agree totally

Anonymous said...

Brenda, I've been reading your blog since 2009 and rarely, if ever, comment. However, I would like you to know that I appreciate your wisdom and the insights you share here, and always look forward to seeing a new post in my in-box. God bless you! ~ Marsha

LauraC said...

I think it makes sense to have at least a small stockpile of items, food and otherwise, if, for nothing else, the fact that you can purchase items that you need and want when they come up on sale again and not have to pay full price. There is always the possibility that you can use items that you have put away to bless someone else in their time of emergency. Hoarding, however, does not sound very biblical. Some people may find it hard where to draw the line. There are addictions even in areas such as prepping.

Carol said...

Thank you very much, Brenda. (MD)

mdoe37 said...

Brenda, regarding the insulin. The husband just went to war about a month ago regarding this. Our mail order pharmacy is not dependable so we use Walmart as they are cheaper for his various pill prescriptions. But the insulin. He was getting a three month prescription from the doctor which kept getting cut down to 3 or 4 weeks worth. I was told that "the insurance company doesn't want to pay." The doctor was furious that they had changed the prescription to more refills -- apparently they shouldn't do this. Nine phone calls between the doctor, the insurance company and Walmart resulted in his getting a three month prescription for the proper copay.

We were told by the insurance company that it isn't that they will not pay BUT that the pharmacy needs to call to get an authorization because of the amount. We suspect that Walmart simply didn't want to bother with it so kept filling it at the amount just within the "no call range". Also rather than $80 for a 3 month supply, they were trying to get $40 every 3 weeks.

You are more brittle that the husband. I would see if your doctor will go to bat for you so that you have adequate supply available. As the accountant husband pointed out, it doesn't make any difference to the insurance company whether they shell out $1000 for one month or $3000 for three months....its all the doesn't have anything to do with the amount.

Anonymous said...


"Trust God But Pass the Rice", this reminds me of a Bible verse that tells us to pray first, then plan and work. Wish I could remember where I read it.

Have to say I completely agree that the next few months to a year are going be the worst our country has seen in many years. And if some of the predictions come true for the economy it will be hard times for much longer. Being prepared, having some extra on hand to start out with, gives you a little cushion of time to figure out what comes next. I have been quietly trying to get some family members and friends to stock up, but in most cases its falling on deaf ears.

If you know anyone near you who has a Costco card they have excellent canned organic corn. Its the best we have ever had in our house! The price is a little more than others, but if you need to be GMO free its worth it.

God's blessings to you and your family, Marsha

Anonymous said...

Appreciate your sharing what you felt nudged to share. It never hurts to be prepared, whether it be for financial upheaval, civil unrest, or storms, etc. I really think things could get interesting between the national political conventions and the upcoming elections. My heart grieves for the state of our country.....It's such a different country from the one I grew up in! But I believe we are here for "such a time as this" and really need to be in prayer for our country. (for those in authority, for the elections, etc.)
Take care.
Laura C.(WA)

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Yes, to all of it! I'm going to pass this post along!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I have to say that the Dallas Police Shootings, the terrible and tragic Dallas Police Shootings, were not done in the name of Black Lives Matter, though The shooter said he was upset about Black Lives Matter, according to the police chief of Dallas.....But I also want to report in a more personal matter, that the University in Cleveland where my daughter is a professor has now said that they don't want anyone on campus during the week of the RNC. I can't tell you how glad I am that she won't be there that week. Sigh. Thank you for all your good advice and wisdom....

rebecca said...

It's been nigh impossible for me to "put my ponderings onto paper". Congratulations for having done so! These are the worst of times and the best of times, I believe.

becky said...

Thank you for this-I have been praying about this for awhile. I had a pretty stocked pantry last fall/winter but now is depleted. I am trying to find the right balance between going overboard b/c of fear which I know isn't right and putting enough away to last awhile. I keep asking the Lord and HE keeps nudging me to keep at it too. A very timely article.

Vee said...

I was really intrigued by what mdoe37 had to share. My prescription is also being dispensed more often rather than the total amount being given. This is ridiculous because I have to travel ten miles to the Pharmacy and it is a waste of gasoline and my time and effort. I think this is happening more and more across the board and I also wonder if it has anything to do with the medicine shortages I have been hearing about. Something is very fishy. Well that something is very fishy is obvious to most as we look around and see all that has gone on in these past years.

As I have mentioned previously, I have been grateful for the pantry these past six weeks. Otherwise, I would not have eaten. That simple.

Thanks for all you do...

PJ Geek said...

Brenda, In times of emergency your insurance company may allow refilling prescriptions more frequently . I am thinking of this more in weather situations , but you may wish to check with your insurance sooner than later about how to prepare .

Ann said...

Such sound advice ... no panic here but we do need to be prepared for emergencies of any kind. It just appears there is more of a possible emergency scenario at this time than at some others. Never too late to do a bit of preparation just in case ...

I have some friends that could benefit from this post so I'm going to send it on to them. You say it much better than I can and sometimes it's received more easily when it comes from someone else.

Thank you for your insight and your "ponderings".

Peggy said...

I was just reading about Elijah and the widow living on flour and olive oil for three years, and I wondered what you would say about focusing on storing primarily grain and oil. I know that our modern wheat is not the same as the grain grown in ancient times.

Kay said...

Thank you for this post. I'm reading it 8 days later and just this morning there were more Police Officer shootings in Baton Rouge. :( We keep a full pantry always. This summer is a bit tight financially for us. So we are eating from it and keeping our spending as low as possible. I dug the potatoes from the garden today. We had a hot spell in June that stunted the plants and reduced the crop, we will have enough to get us to October, I hope. I'm so very thankful for our pantry of home-canned goods, freezers full of meat and my garden of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and squash. We will weather this storm.