Monday, July 11, 2016

Braving It, a review

This book is different than most I agree to review but the full title drew me in... Braving It: A Father, A Daughter, and An Unforgettable Journey Into the Alaskan Wild.  I've long been fascinated by our state of Alaska and by adding the interaction between a father and a daughter, I had to read this book.

The author, James Campbell, is one good writer.  Make that great writer.  I felt as if I were freezing on a 90 degree day here in the Midwest.  I held my breath as if the bears were in my living room and chuckled as a father tries to understand his teenage daughter.

The book is divided into three parts, each telling the story of an expedition to Alaska in various seasons over a year.  Two of the trips were to the wilderness cabin of the author's cousin and his wife.  The third was a canoe trip down treacherous waters.  I will add here that the real hero of this story is his wife who gave her (reluctant at times) permission for all of this to happen.  I doubt I would have been that brave.

This is a fabulous book, one that I could hardly put down.  You know a book is good when you need to pick it up and begin reading again with your first cup of coffee in the morning.  It is highly recommended.

NOTE:  There is quite a lot of swearing as conversations are relived.  But this is not "in your face" swearing thrown in to shock people such as books that annoy me.  These are real life conversations happening.  It was easy for me to overlook and continue reading.  I was sorry to see the book end but I'm sure the story continues.

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Vee said...

I do love non-fiction. Not a fan of accurately portrayed conversation.