Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Blog Tweaking

A sudden freeze took out our azaleas soon after they bloomed so I was glad to have cut these for a bouquet!

Come this August, Coffee Tea Books & Me will celebrate its' ten year birthday.  It seems my most often used phrase recently has been, "How did that happen?".  But it is true and that is a lot of writing.

I must admit to experiencing blog burn out over the winter.  I feel I'd done this and said that and what else is there to write about.  However, the nice thing that comes from having your computer unavailable for a long period of time is that it helps you step away from blogging and remember what you enjoy and what you... do not.

So I'm doing some blog tweaking, starting with adding a post called Book Talk.  I miss just chatting about books I'm reading without being concerned about how the post is worded as one has to do with an official book review.

I had that in mind when I started Recent Reading but I didn't care for that format, either.  It required a lot of work to list everything I've been reading.  So Book Talk will be chatting with you about one or two or three books (or magazine articles or podcasts) that I did not receive from a publisher to give an official review.

It is time to have fun with books again.  Not that I'm giving up reviewing, I do enjoy that.  But I have cut down on what I accept for awhile during the busy season.  My first Book Talk will hopefully be on Thursday and will be written as I have books to talk about.

The second change is that I'm no longer doing an official My World this Week.  It takes a whole lot of time and since I share the computer with my husband, I don't always have a long period of time to work with. 

I will include favorite photos within posts and I'm on Instagram as @coffeeteabooksandme.  All of those photos are taken with the iPad so for the most part, they are taken close to home.

Of course, the two weekend posts will continue as they are as long as something pops in my mind each week to write about.  ;)


Angela said...

I will miss your world this week- Always lovely and inspirational! I am so glad you are getting back to books not for review- I have missed those talks.

Vee said...

Ten years is a lifetime in blogging years! I think you are amazing and I marvel that you keep putting out quality writing post after post. You have provided me so much to think about through the years. Love chatting about books so I look forward to your new feature.

Anonymous said...

I hope you will continue blogging in some form or fashion for a very long time. I so enjoy your writings--they are a blessing to me and I would miss reading CTBM. Will be interested in your Book Talk. This was my last day to work--I am officially "retired" now and look forward to more reading time. Blessings, Sharon D.

rebecca said...

I SO admire people with a blogging plan! :)
I look forward to more posts here at Coffee Tea Books and Me.

Ann said...

I always enjoy your blog no matter what you're writing about. Never, never give up writing "Sunday Afternoon Tea" - please. You always hit home with your ponderings and I find them quite inspiring and helpful in my own walk with Jesus.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love to talk books, so I am happy! I've enjoyed your My World posts, and you'll have to make sure Victoria gets her weekly photo op in another post! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm excited that you will be sharing more about books since I'm such a book-lover! Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us through the years...you have no idea how many lives you touch. You make a difference!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Ten years! And I only found you a few years ago, but have enjoyed all your posts. I will miss "My world This Week", but look forward to "Book Talk" as I love books, too, and like your recommendations. So glad you will continue your Saturday Pantry and Sunday Afternoon Tea posts! You always have such wise words of wisdom to share!
Spring is a busy season with lots of garden chores, but it's nice to be outside when the weather is so nice.
Blessings on your day!
Laura C.(WA)
P.S. I posted once already, but I guess I forgot to click "publish"!

Mary said...

Whatever works for you works for me, Sistah! (I'm Luv2preen on IG, just so you know ;)

Carrie said...

I read all of your posts & enjoy them so much. I've never commented but I really love your writing. It's encouraging & warm & cheering. I also often read books or watch shows you recommend! --a kindred spirit from Houston, TX

Louise T. said...

Will really miss your "My World" post. I always looked forward to them butI too am a book-lover and will be anticipating your posts on that subject!

Instagram.com/melissasnotes said...

Will be glad to see your posts on books, I read most of your recommendations.
Also, will love to continue to see home pictures on Instagram. Thank you for sharing from your heart.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this, Brenda...and going to the links...thanks for sharing.
Elizabeth in WA