Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Whatever Is Lovely, a review

The subtitle "A Coloring Book For Reflection and Worship" best describes this beautiful coloring book.  It will provide many fun hours of relaxation for those who love to color for it is quite a thick book.

When I first looked through this coloring book, I noticed two things.  One, I loved the quotes from hymns and various authors.  Two, I thought it the perfect coloring book for busy people as most pages are not as intricate as some coloring books.  Yet, the pages would still be frame worthy.

On the back of each page, there is information about the quotes or the hymns.  As shown above, the stanzas of the hymns where the quote is pulled from are provided.  It will make a beautiful addition for those who enjoy this form of "making art".

This book was provided by Blogging For Books but the opinions are my own.

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Terra said...

I am so glad you reviewed this book, since I am considering buying it. The first coloring book I bought Enchanted Forest is great but very intricate, and for the next I buy this one looks like a great choice. On my current blog post I left a comment suggesting Whatever is Lovely or Color the Psalms or Beauty in the Bible. So we are on the same page, ha ha.

Vee said...

Hearing so much about this pastime and all the beautiful selections available. This one looks particularly pleasing.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

This is a nice one. Some of them are so intricate, that I can't imagine that it is very relaxing! It would make me stressed! This one seems more peaceful and how neat to have quotes and scripture!

Sherry said...

i really like this one! thanks for providing the link... putting it on my wish list. after my emergency surgery in september my thoughtful sister shirley sent me a coloring book of vintage trailers (very fitting..) along with a beautiful assortment of colored pencils. the pictures are seriously intricate so it'll take me a while to get through the book, but i do find it restful in many respects.

Brenda Leyland @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

As Vee already said, this book looks most pleasing. I've seen others that don't give me any desire to colour in them, but this one does.

Thanks for the review and the sneak peek into a couple of its pages.

Wishing you a beautiful day...
Brenda L.

Karen Andreola said...

I wonder if dry-brush-water-color would do - with these less-intricate pages. My son has been encouraging me to pick up a paintbrush again. And, he sees how long it takes for one of my needlework projects to be completed.