Friday, December 04, 2015

Instagram Photos

The tree I now use inside was my "porch tree" a few years ago.  Photo from approx. 2011?

It has been so cloudy that I haven't been able to take photos of Christmas decorations this week.  However, I did take some for Instagram with the iPad and those photos can be filtered to make them brighter.

All the decorations are up, I finished the porch a couple days ago. It no longer has a Christmas tree but I think it looks nice.  A "My World" post will follow next week, after we (finally) have enough sunshine that I don't have to use a flash.

Those who follow on Instagram will have seen these already... @coffeeteabooksandme.

The Christmas reading has begun by taking two favorite Christmas related Elizabeth Goudge books off the shelf.  They are A City of Bells and the sequel called The Sister of the Angels.

The buffet absolutely sparkles this year.  Everything there came from Goodwill, garage sales, or the thrift shops over the years.  Except the "sprig" of an aluminum tree branch and the Merry Christmas banner.  Both came from my favorite primitive country shop, the banner was purchased on clearance after Christmas last year.

This vintage look aluminum tree was purchased on clearance this year for $10.00  It had been $35.00!  I don't know why it was already marked down (I suspect the seller needed space for smaller items) but when I walked in my favorite store and saw this, I bought it immediately (and I had $10.00!).

The photo doesn't do it justice at all.  It really sparkles in the lamplight.  It reminds me of the Christmas trees that were so popular in the 50s and 60s when I was a child.  This appears to be my year for sparkling.

These decorations are all from a previous favorite primitive country store that is no longer in business (in our town).   I believe all were purchased during after Christmas sales.  Usually the way I get most non-thrifted decorations (hmmm... is that a word?).


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Beautiful, Brenda! May you have a wonderful Advent and Christmas season....

Heather LeFebvre said...

I love your decorations!!! Love the silver on your sideboard too!!! I forgot to interlibrary loan the Sister of Angels book. Maybe I'll remember next year!!!

Vee said...

So pretty, Brenda! Love all the treasures you have gathered. Looking forward to photos that you will take of the porch. I have done nothing on my wee porch except hang a wreath. Perhaps that's enough. =D

Anonymous said...

Your home looks lovely and cozy Brenda! I'm decorating by "littlleing" this year, a word I believe I stole from you ;) The tree and
Nativity scenes are up and that's what really matters. I've take another page from your book, and have decorated the hutches and cubbies with thrifted Christmas china- looks warm and homey. A few more boxes from the attic and I'll be finished. Wishing you all of God's Blessings this precious season. Thank you for welcoming us into your home each week. Donna xo

Cheri said...

Love following you Instagram and getting extra inspiration!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

We are sparkling here this year, too! I have a few newish silver trees, that I've added into my usual decor. I'm also using the silver I have as well.


Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Oh I absolutely love your Christmas trimmings- so so so so cute- and I *adore* you got it all frugally - makes it even better! : - )

Well done, ma'am!!

Judy said...

Oh my, that little silver Christmas tree - it took me right back to my childhood in the sixties!

My parents were pioneer missionaries in Papua New Guinea, so Christmas decorations were few. Some fold out red paper bells were always my favourite because they spoke of joy, but we also had one of these little trees. Once every four years we returned to Australia for furlough, and my mum must have tucked it into her suitcase for one of the return trips... It's been fun to recall it here today.

It sounds like choosing to 'Sparkle' is ministering to you with happiness this Advent/Christmas season - may it be blessed in every way.