Thursday, November 12, 2015

Just Chatting...

Sir Charles the Stout and me last May in New England.
We are in that time of the year when there isn't much to photograph outside and it is dark in the house.  Even Victoria is snoozing most of the day.  Except this morning when she thought it oh so funny to hide behind a chair and jump out at me as I walked past.  She may be nine (or ten, we are not sure) years old but she still has plenty of play left in her.

I still have to respond to some emails, a few of which are mid-conversation.  Someone is hogging the computer to work on his VA paperwork and... most importantly... Fantasy Football.  ;)

There was a whopper of a storm system which came through the Midwest yesterday and last night.  The wind and rain continue today so I'm taking advantage of having to stay inside to get past due projects finished.  For instance, there are dried herbs ready to be put into small Mason jars.  A few are herbs from my garden but a few are also from the Farmer's Market.  

I also need to figure out the new Amazon embedding thingy (such technical terms you know).  You can still enter your Amazon shopping by clicking on any previous link or by clicking on any object within the Amazon Widget on the sidebar.  I get a tiny percentage of each purchase, it doesn't cost you anything but coming here to click into Amazon... and every little bit adds up! 

The credit I earn is what I use for items I'd normally not be able to purchase whether books, food, paper crafting items, or... most importantly... grandchildren birthday gifts!  Thank you again to everyone who has taken the time to enter Amazon from Coffee Tea Books and Me.

One final update before I crumble dried sage into a jar, I am now on Instagram as... and this will be such a surprise... @coffeeteabooksandme.    I don't add a lot of new photos at this time and most of them are of books I am reading and such.  But I joined Instagram about five months ago (?) to follow a few special friends who only update through that social media.  So, I figured I may as well take a few photos here and there even if they are mostly of books.

See you on Saturday!  God willing and the creek don't rise.


Florence said...

It is definitely a stay inside day here on the Texas Gulf Cosst too. Rainy and very windy. I'm glad I got my few outdoors chores done yesterday and the day before. Good to see you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed just the relaxing visit today. I have found you in Instagram as I look for pictures of my "grands" on there. Like to do Christmas shopping from Amazon and use your widget. Christmas will be here soon and COLD--I am a warm weather girl! Blessings, Sharon D.

Vee said...

I'm on Instagram, too, but haven't posted a thing. I do like poking around in other folks' pictures.

Sounds as if it's rainy weather everywhere today. John is snoozing and I am about to conk out myself. Hope that you can figure out your Amazon thingy.

Deanna Rabe said...

I like that photo of you and Sir Charles. Very cute of both of you!

Its been grey and rainy-ish the last few days but the sun did poke its head out right before it set today.

Enjoy your evening!


Barbara said...

Sir Charles the Stout looks like such a sweetie dog!!!

Are you the blogger who mentioned Alexandra Stoddard earlier this week? Since then I have checked 3 of her books out from my local library. Not sure what I think, but I am enjoying the reads for the most part. Is she a Christian, a true follower of Jesus Christ?

Thoughts for the day said...

It is nice to actually see 'who' you are, in picture form.
just a note for you... I think you used to subscribe to my blog, on blogger and when I moved it from blogger to wordpress I lost all my readers. Yeah it was very sad. SO if you are interested or if you remember it, you can 're-subscribe'...

Morning's Minion said...

Books and a cozy place to read are very important as the short days and early evenings are upon us.
My hibernation instincts come to the fore each November.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Lovely to "chat" with you, Brenda! You usually have our weather, perhaps a bit sooner than we do......And I love the "Sir Charles the Stout"! We once looked after a dog named Sir Joesph Olive Nose.