Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My World this Week

It has been awhile since my last "My World" post.  We are still without water (awaiting an estimate) so everything seems to take twice as long to accomplish.  No wonder the pioneers spent most of their days putting food on the table and "tidying up".

I am determined not to let the enemy of my soul have his way and get discouraged at how long this is taking.  No... God truly is in control and He continues to teach me lessons.  Not the least of which is how fortunate we are to be born after indoor plumbing was invented!  ;)

However, the trees are now in full color and they are beautiful.  I had my three month diabetic checkup at the doctor's office this morning and thanked God it was on a such beautiful October day.

Here is what is happening in my world recently.


I was thrilled to find this D. E. Stevenson book at the Mission's thrift store for $1.50!  Now if I could only find Fletcher's End!

Morning Light
I can't help taking a photo of this in the morning light.

Decorating by Tweaking
This now resides in the dining area as it did once before.

The changing around came after I brought the large spider plant in from the porch.  Funny how that happens.  One little item can bring on major changes like the rectangular table moved to the left of the Autumnal print in the Study and the tall shelf being moved to the dining area.

Silver Elegance

I learned to love the look of silver from the original Victoria magazine.  I've collected pieces over the years at thrift stores very cheap.  People just don't want the bother of polishing them these days. 

These are in need of a good polishing now that they are on the buffet again.  (When we have indoor plumbing!)


My grandchildren gave me the kitty many years ago and you may know I collect bears.  I have for a long time.  Most are now in the family room again but I kept her here so the kitty will have a friend.

 Kitchen Collection
Old bottle love meets chicken love.


Her Fluffiness

So... it all started when Hubby brought home this box from the store, thinking he could use it in the garage.  The top photo shows what happened.  It was love at first sight between kitty and her new dwelling.

So it now sits in my Study with an old "cutting quilt" in the bottom.  She loves it.  I figure it will be a good place for her to curl up for long winter's naps.


Florence said...

Oh Brenda, I was so hoping that you would have water by now! I hope it isn't much longer.

I'll keep my eyes open for Fletcher's End for you.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Lots of beauty where you live!

Prayers for running water again soon!

Victoria is so cute, I'll keep my eye out for that book too!


Anonymous said...

Love your study--looks so cozy--a good place to hide away with a good book. Spider plant is beautiful. Give a kid or a kitty a box and they are happy. Hope you have water soon. I love reading about pioneer times but I definitely would not want to live in them. I love the modern conveniences. Blessings, Sharon D.

Keri said...

I love the new kitty home! So sweet!

The very first part of this post contained a reminder that I needed right now. Last week I was feeling very burned-out - behind on house projects and in dire need of some extended time for contemplation, and simply unfit to continue my daily life - so I decided to declare this week as our homeschool Fall Break. All weekend I looked forward to some much-needed time off this week.

Well, as it turns out, when you take a break from homeschool but still have to manage extra-curricular activities (karate, piano, viola, scouts); homework for the kids' one-day-a-week cottage school; laundry; keeping tummies fed; a hubby's birthday dinner; and random other tasks of still don't get much of a break! :-/ I've found myself feeling bitter and disappointed today, as I feel pretty much the same level of burnout as I felt last week at this time.

But the fact that you're still without running water, and your comment about the pioneers spending most of their time putting food on the table and tidying up, reminded me that I'm living a pretty easy life. Even if I didn't get as much of a break as I had hoped, I still have running water, and I still live a life that a pioneer would envy! Thank you for interrupting my pity party (and for "listening" to my story).

P.S. I also LOVE morning light, even though I decidedly don't love mornings. ;-)

tealady said...

OH Brenda so sorry to hear about the water issue. I know your pain about the cost of plumbers, 2 winters ago we had major issues with my kitchen pipes freezing in a 2 week period we had a plumber 4 times.The cost was well over $400.00, this being right before Christmas, we were set for presents it was the cost of all the extra food that still had to be bought.Pantries only go so far. I also have some beautiful silver pieces.My best buy was from Goodwill a sterling service set of silverware for 12 in the original box for$ 19.00.
Your area is so beautiful.