Thursday, October 08, 2015

My World this Week

The county road as of yesterday.  It will look very different soon!

I haven't been on the computer much with the pesky back and all.  However, I'm going to write a My World post to keep in touch.  Not to mention, letting Victoria have her weekly moment in the sun.

Everything is running behind.  All of the To Do list was thrown out the window while I needed to stay still.  I have read, listened to radio programs, podcasts, and watched TV.  While watching the season turning outside my window.  But this will pass.  I'm already feeling better than I was over the weekend as it no longer hurts just to move.

As I write this, the aroma of warm vanilla pecan granola has made its' way from the kitchen to the tiny home office.  Once it has cooled, the very sad looking empty glass jar will once again be full.  :)

So... other than just sitting... this is what has been going on in my world this week.


My very precious friend, Deanna Rabe (Creekside Cottage on the sidebar), sent me what she called a "belated birthday gift" of wonderful old books and new papercrafting items.  LOVED IT!  Stephanie thinks Deanna is really me pretending to be someone else.  We are quite alike.  ;)

She knew I loved The Heart of the Family by Elizabeth Goudge (so far I am the only person I know who loves it so much).  She found this hard-to-locate book while thrifting.  I told her in all the years I have looked for it at books sales and while thrifting, I had never even seen it!  Now I can read it as a real book instead of on my Kindle (you know what I mean, of course... the look, feel, and aroma of real books).

I had already started The Dean's Watch by Goudge, re-reading a favorite story.

I ordered The Fairy Tale Girl* with Amazon credit and it was backordered even as a pre-order!  But it finally came in and I started perusing it immediately.  It is on the stack to give more attention to as I can.

It is a must read for Susan Branch fans but I liked A Fine Romance* better.  It is one of my all time favorite books!  Probably because it is about England and tea time and did I mention England and tea time?

But I do recommend The Fairy Tale Girl*.  It is Susan's autobiography (in gorgeous Susan-style writing and illustrations) up to her move to Martha's Vineyard.  She is my husband's age (he is seven years older than I am) so much of this book takes place in the 1960s and 1970s, with a little told here and there about her childhood.  She has led a most interesting life and while not a person of faith (at times I wanted to shake her younger self and tell her to THINK), it is still a good story.


I watched the first episode of Masterpiece's Home Fires on PBS last weekend.  I loved it so much that I messaged my daughter while viewing it to tell her she had to watch it when PBS's website made it available the next day!  (Her TV is only used for viewing DVDs, streaming, etc.)

She loved it, too.  I was excited to hear a second season has already been ordered.  If you enjoy anything British but especially Great Britain in the WWII era... you will like this!

I love to make bookmarks with pretty washi tape.  Shown are the front and back of a bookmark I made with washi tape that came... if I remember correctly... from Hong Kong.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Unfortunately, Amazon no longer offers these designs!  :(

Bringing the Outside Inside

Morning in the Kitchen

The Forest in Early October

I tell you people, Bigfoot could be standing in that forest and not be able to see him!  It is still very thick and dense!  Not for long... more leaves fall each and every day.

Her Fluffiness

Victoria loves her sunbeams.  You can see the look of contentment here.

*A Fine Romance can be found... here*
*The Fairly Tale Girl can be found... here*

**Most links to are Associate Links.  I thank you.  :)


jules said...

I'd love the recipe for the vanilla pecan granola. I looked on the recipe page but didn't find it there. I want to make granola but need a good recipe and yours sounds really delish.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

What an informative post! You are a content and happy gal! THANKS for the recommendation - that series is right up my daughter's and my interest alley! WE love England WW2 era!!

Your kitty is beautiful, I lost my Romeo in May and I haven't been the same. : - ( In fact Victoria and he look as though they could be cousins.

Thank you so much for your visit! Have a blessed day!

Lee Ann said...

victoria is so pretty!

I'm glad your back is getting better.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

ps I am your newest follower. : - )

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

So glad you are feeling a little better, Brenda....
Please pray for my son who is having serious health issues.
I cannot discuss what they are, but please pray your hardest!
I always love seeing your world.
I can hardly wait for the second half of Susan Branch's book.

LauraC said...

I just didn't care for "The Heart of the Family" like I did the first two books. Since reading them, I have found $1 used copies of the first two. I would pick up the third since I have the first two, but will not seek it out.

Anonymous said...


We, the hubby and I, watched Home Fires on Saturday too and we LOVED it! I am so happy it has already been given a second season! And so glad you are feeling a bit better and pray you will continue to heal. Thank you for sharing your world this week and hope you can get out and enjoy more of it soon.

God bless, Marsha

Deanna Rabe said...

I love that Stephanie thinks we are the same person! We must get together in person one day! All of us and have tea! I remembered you had that on the Kindle but also knew that you must have a 'real' copy.

That show looks good, we love this kind of thing and are always looking for something new to watch. We'll definitely check it out.

I listened to Eric Metaxes' podcast on Bigfoot and saw some of the videos, and well, I'm telling you, in that one, there is quite the creature there. I'm sure your kids just rolled their eyes at me, mine would too, if they heard me!

Glad your back is feeling better - take it easy.


tealady said...

Oh Brenda, I know how your feeling my back has been acting up so needless to say not much has gotten done.I just love all the photos you share with us.Speaking of books I was wondering if anyone is aware of Emilie Barns she is a Christian women's author.. Her books are all about home and faith and tea.

PJ Geek said...

I recorded Home Fires and plan to watch it sometime this weekend....exactly, my cup of tea. How is it that in Atlanta we have a little more Fall color already than you do? I lived in Alexandria, Virginia one Fall and went to a 'real' British team room for the full on tea. Later we took a lantern-lit tours of homes with costumed storytellers.

Judy said...

How lovely to receive "The Bird in the Tree" from Deanna. My poor paperbacks (the trilogy) have pretty much been loved to bits over the past thirty-five years - I may just have to splurge on some vintage hardbacks. I was thrilled a few years ago to discover that you and Sarah Clarkson loved them too, as I'd never met anyone else who had even read them, much less loved them.

"Home Fires" looks like it might be one for my young adult daughter and me. Thank you for the recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the note about Home Fires...went to watch the first segment...decided to keep watching. Whatever will we do without Downton Abbey? Well, this seems pretty nice to have more to look forwards to!!
Elizabeth in WA

Georgene G. said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are having problems with your back. I wear a 'brace' most days to support my back. I'm not sure what they are actually called but it has Velcro on both ends? When my back starts to hurt or feels 'weak' then I put it on and I don't end up with my back going out. Have you tried one?

I hope your back continues to improve.