Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Tea - When your giftings cause others to go "Huh?"

One day during my blog break, my husband walked through our living room on the way to the kitchen and stopped to stare at me.  For I was stretched out on the sofa listening to the iPad with my rather large earphones on (they are actually his but I think he forgot that).

Hubs: What are you listening to?
Me: Hagmann and Hagmann... but only the first hour.
Hubs: How can you listen to that stuff?
Moi': It's a gift.

Okay, my reply was on the snarky side but it really is the truth.  I have always had the ability to read, watch, or listen to media that deals with conspiracy theories and other The End of the World As We Know It subjects.

Without blinking an eye.  Without losing sleep.  Without getting angry or upset or ready to move to the Cayman Islands.  With that gifting comes another... discernment.  I can usually cut through all the "stuff" and find the nuggets of Truth.  And there is usually more there than the average person likes to admit.

Now, my husband does not have that gift.  He is pretty much the opposite of me.  Five minutes into listening and he is ready to buy buckets of beans and bullets and flee to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  You know, where it snows a lot.  Where Bigfoot resides.  Allegedly. Where one can get way off the grid.

Which explains my really big earphones.  One is not to tempt the brethren into sin.

My special gift from God is one that tends to get a whole lot more smirks than smiles.  And when there is a smile, it is usually the look one is given when the person thinks the other is out of their ever lovin' mind.  Yes... even from my family and especially from my children.

Although I do remember my daughter telling a friend once that if Mom thinks she has heard from God... listen.  I try to recall that trust when she smirks.  But she is a loving daughter and tries to hide it behind her latte.

But here is the thing... people laughed at me in the 1980s when I quoted Francis Schaeffer, who predicted someday in America nurses and doctors will be fired because they refused to perform abortions.  Now when Christians lose lawsuits or even worse... are put in jail... because they do not condone same sex marriages... people are not laughing at Schaeffer.

Even other Christians talked about me behind my back when we lived in Holland because I pulled my daughter out of the drug education program that I felt promoted New Age practices. She was a trooper about it all.  I think it showed her it was important to stand up for what you believe for she is good at that today.

Plenty of people thought we overreacted for removing our son out of the Public Schools because they would not allow him to stay in classes unless he was drugged for ADHD.  This was after two years of watching what the drugs did to him.  "The school cannot require that, it is not legal", they said.  "You are overreacting."  Ummm... they did even if it was not legal to do so and we were not overreacting, we were following God and am I ever glad we did!

I was mocked by Non-Christians and Christians when I helped lead the fight against the Equal Rights Amendment in Iowa. For the average person had not read beyond the front page of the newspaper and had no clue as to the ramifications of that law on the books.  Yes, we knew we could not stop it eventually but we sure could slow it down.  We did.  Although when the newspaper called that evening and wanted an interview, I had taken two aspirin and gone to bed due to Clinton winning the national election.  ;)

I think perhaps my passion for studying the 18th Century, beginning with Edwards and Whitefield and continuing through the decade after we became a nation... has a lot to do with my equal passion for "the news behind the news"  My gift keeps me fascinated by the seeds of the Revolution and how it succeeded... as well as understanding how some people wanted everything to stay the same and not make trouble.

My gift is part of my Worldview.  It is part of my Theology.  It is how God weaves the tapestry of various giftings to use me for His Purpose.  Even if some scoff along the way.  That's okay.  For my purpose is to please Him and not those who would scoff when I talk about the results of what I have learned.

Do people laugh at you or mock you or think you are absolutely out of your mind?  Have you ever asked God why your gifting could not be something simple like oh... leading worship?  I mean, really... sometimes I think it would have been easier to be called as a missionary to Russia.  Christians are used to being looked at as crazy there.

When others are crying out "Peace and Safety", do you look around and wonder what universe they live in?  It is just fine, you know.  It is God's gift to you.  You have spiritual eyes that see through all the smoke and mirrors and illusions and see... Truth.  In the Book of James, God says if we don't understand something we can ask Him for wisdom and He will give it.  He wants you to know Truth.

So I will continue to slip on my headphones and listen to podcasts and radio broadcasts by people who may seem crazy to others.  I will write here at this Internet Address and sometimes people will ask, "Huh?".

But I will also bake bread and make soup and bake pumpkin bars and create Art and listen to podcasts about books and chat with a friend and enjoy cooler days and get my sweaters out of the closet and look forward to the turning of the leaves.

Everyday life.  Everyday living.  Doing the next thing. Occupying until He comes (Luke 19:13).  Quite amazed that He chose for us to live at this time and in this place and in this age in the History of the World.  Maranatha.


Deb J. in Utah said...

I really love this post because it rings so true. I admire your courage. Thank you for writing this! P.S. We had a similar experience when you 19-year-old was a little boy and people at the school wanted him "drugged" to get through the day. We said no, no and NO. When we prayed, that was the answer God put in our hearts - no drugs for our son. God put a good Christian Principal in charge at his public school and he got a good Christian woman as his teacher and both were willing to work with and help him grown and mature and learn. Those women were truly blessings for our family. Now my son is 19, serving as a missionary in a tough part of Mexico, sharing God's love and bringing others to Jesus Christ. He has never taken drugs for ADD or anything else - but he has learned to cope and focus and learn and be successful. I learned to always, always follow what God put in my heart to do. Thanks again and have a good Sunday.

Deb J. in Utah said...

P.S. Would love to have the links to some of the podcasts you like. Thanks!

Annabel said...

Boy would I like to hear what you really think is going on at the moment, politically and in the economy. What you think Brandy is alluding to on A Prudent Homemaker..... Why so many feel the need to prepare... Russian troops in a Syria and so many things right now! I read, listen and try and understand.

There is a group very informed and preparing.
There is another group preparing as the just feel the need of are led by God to do so.
There are others who don't know what we are talking about!
Being watchful is a hard job. Many prefer ignorance!

Lee Ann said...

I've never heard of them but will give it a try. Thanks

Cheri said...

I love this post! I share your gift and love hearing 'worst case scenario' scenarios. Eating the watermelon and spitting out the seeds, of course.

We have walked a very similar path, Brenda. Always enjoy reading your thoughts.

So....if things go 'south', I'll meet you up north. I'm in northern WI, just 20 miles from da UP. K?

Anonymous said...

When our daughter was diagnosed as ADD we refused drugs too. Her hard time paying attention in school was due in part to the fact her classmates weren't paying attention. Lessons were being re-taught or reviewed often and she was just plain bored! Thankfully she was in a Christian school where they helped us keep her on track and today she is a Christian day school teacher.

As for seeing what is to come, though I pay attention to what is happening in world I don't really worry either. We are here now for His purpose and His time, it..we are all in His hands. We are as stocked up and prepared as we can manage, just have to finish getting the RTG bags assembled. We will trust God for the rest.
Thank you Brenda for the comforting and encouraging words!

May God be with you, Marsha

Anonymous said...

This is a rather timely post. I am lurker and enjoy reading your posts, but I took the time to comment today because yesterday I was rather appalled at the Economic Collapse Blog that you linked which had rather ridiculous 911 theories. I could not understand how someone like you could even condone or read a crazy website like that. I even started writing a negative comment to express my outrage and then decided I did not want to offend you.

If I may, please remember that many others do not have the discernment you have and will think that you are among the crazies even if some of what even the crazy people say may ring true. I generally avoid the crazy altogether and I would have almost avoided you but for the post today. I am glad you clarified that you have the discernment as your gift as I was thinking you were taking a turn for the worse after the link yesterday. For the record I think you are still sane :D.


Kim said...

Dear Brenda thank you so much for your wisdom. This has been weighing heavy on my heart. May God bless n keep you all safe. Much love...Kim

Terra said...

I see we are on the same page with a lot of our thinking and our opinions. Good for you for protecting your son. I pray we will elect a good President in 2016 who will lead this country in a better direction.

Barbara said...

Thanks for this post. I got criticized this week for one of my beliefs and although I'm getting through the discomfort of that just fine, your post bolstered my spirits.

Unknown said...

Amen and amen

Jonell w Harrison said...

You made me smile (not laugh) & I just think I LIKE YOU!♡ You sound like my daughter -

suzanne said...

discernment really is a great and burdensome gift sometimes! I believe I have that gift, and can see truth where so many others see only the haze of the culture. This post has been so re-affirming for keep praying and speaking the truth in love to especially my siblings, who are lost. time is of the essence,,,but that is whether the Lord returns tomorrow or 500 years from now. we are to live like He will be here today! thank you, Miss Brenda.

Mary said...

Amen, Maranatha.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am thankful for your giftings and your wisdom in sharing with us here on your blog! My husband is even reading your Saturday and Sunday posts now! Thank-you for your honesty and boldness! It is much appreciated.
Laura C. (WA)

Anonymous said...

you are so funny dear- in a good way. I can only listen to so much but then turn it off. The other half well ..... somedays I say- please no more. So thankful we know the end of the story.

Cindy said...

Brenda, I find your musings fascinating! I love to read what you choose to share. I too find it interesting to listen to or read about 'conspiracy theories'. I keep at least one eye on watch as I peruse the news and scan the horizon for potential threats and tangible dangers and I have experienced no loss of sleep or ulcer formation as a result of this activity!
In answer to Annabel...... BTW, I love her blog too!..... Many committed 'preppers' are Mormon, as is Prudent Homemaker, Brandy. This snippet of a story is from the Sept. 13, 2015 issue of the Salt Lake Tribune. It may provide the "why" for the cryptic cautions Brandy voiced in her blog, several weeks ago.

Maybe one day, Brandy will tell us all about 'it'. :-)
Two things a novice prepper might overlook........ matches and birth control!
Blessings! C

Ashlee said...

I love this post. Probably my favorite of all of you have written. I try to hide my, "wish I was born in an different century as I would fit in better side." I never thought my "backward" ways could be seen as my gifts. I really appreciate that perspective and will have to give it more thought. Frankly, I am a little blown away this morning at the thought of them being gifts, so pondering for the next weeks/months are sure to come!

Sandi said...

I have a relative who is paralyzed by these theories. It has been going on for years, with a magical date always just out of reach. She doesn't want to live in today or enjoy the moment. She only wants to talk about what the predictions are. I believe it is a trap of the enemy to sit in fear like that. The mountains may give way...ok...and fall into the sea...but the Lord never fails. We are not called to fear, in fact we are commanded not to. The Lord has led me in one thing repeatedly, to prepare for any times...good or focusing only on Him. Our culture has changed in many ways. Our world is in turmoil. But we are simply not called to stare at dates on the calendar and shiver. I think these conspiracy theories are dangerous.

lynneinMN said...

Your posts are always so thought provoking and timely! Our pastor has been preaching that we need to be ready TODAY for the Lord's return...get our hearts ready first, the cupboards after. :-).
As Cheri stated above...we'll meet ya in da' U.P.! (We have a 4 hour trek to get there, but it's our dream to live there someday!)
God Bless You! Lynne in MN

Kellylynn said...

I love this post and echo what everyone else has commented. Thank you <3

Stefanie said...

Thank you for this post! I too have been given the gift of discernment. I've always been able to feel things coming and have been having a lot of vivid dreams the last 4 years. I have prayed for God's answer on my feelings and whether or not to prepare. The only thing I feel is that the Lord is returning soon for His church. Even though I see what's coming, I'm not afraid. I'm afraid for unbelievers though. So, I'm trying to focus on doing the work of Christ while there is still time.

Rachel H said...

Wonderful post! We are seeing Christians persecuted for their beliefs. Satan is hard at his work!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love this! I am so glad that I am not alone in the world! Stephanie already thinks we are twins! ;)

My main spirituals gifts are prophecy (not future but truth telling) and discernment. I UNDERSTAND what you're saying! I often have told the Lord that these are hard gifts for a women to possess. He always encourages me that HE has made me thus for His purposes. Well, Okay then!

I have prayed for years to be like the sons of Issachar "who understood the times."

Love you friend!